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Straight from the Source

Signing up with Programa you will get access to all of our bespoke tools, all in one place. So start for free and join thousands of other studios also using Programa to streamline their workflows.

Schedules done right.

Programa's Schedules are integrated, functional, always live, and always accurate. Switch to Programa and unlock your studio's productivity.
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Scheduling Tools

Specification, streamlined

Powerful Schedules

Goodbye spreadsheets. Hello cloud. Save time with Programa.
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Furniture Schedule

Always up-to-date

Schedules that stay live, and minimize double handling


Up to date schedules, kept live on the cloud

Seamless to share

Share with clients, builders, and trades

Product libraries

Build your own Product Library and easily specify for your projects
Management tools

Your projects, at a glance

Programa’s project management tools help you and your team work better and more efficiently.
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Project Management

Keep your team and your projects running smoothly in one place.
Project Management


"We are primarily utilising Programa’s scheduling and product library functions for current projects... Clients can access live schedule updates via the shared URLs... Once on site we will also provide trades and clients access to live schedules via the QR code function."

Yasmine Ghoneim, Director, Sydney NSW

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Address Book

Programa's Address Book allows you to easily organize your contacts and share them with your team.
Address Book

Kim Kneipp Studio

"The transparency and efficiency brought about by Programa have undoubtedly added significant value to our client relationships."

Kim Kneipp, Melbourne, VIC
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Shareable Schedules

Live Schedules means no one will see out of date info.

SMAC Studios

"The Client Dashboard has been a revelation, it’s amazing. It allows us to present multiple options for items like tapware and pendant lights directly to clients."

Shona McElroy, Interior Architect, NSW
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Web Clipper

Spend less time on data entry and reduce costly mistakes with the Programa Web Clipper.
Web Clipper

Dean Dyson Architects

"The client dashboard has allowed us to interact with clients directly with the click of a button rather than continuous issues back and forth to finally get approval."

Dean Dyson, Director, VIC

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Efficiently develop and present concepts with your team, streamlining client presentations without the need for juggling software.

Tyler Aspen Edmonds

"It’s a tremendous relief to know I will never have to create another Microsoft spreadsheet again, thanks to Programa!"
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Client Dashboard

Streamline collaboration with Client Dashboards that host all shared project links, reducing back-and-forth with clients, suppliers, and builders.

SMAC Studio

"The Client Dashboard has been a revelation, it’s amazing. It allows us to present multiple options for items like tapware and pendant lights directly to clients."

Shona McElroy, Interior Architect, Sydney NSW

Product Library

Create your own centralized database of products for you and your team.
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Green Couch

Custom Pool Of Products

Setup your studio’s exclusive library of products.

Your Personal Library

Customizable data fields

Custom Exports

Export as attachment or create live links

Integrated Schedules

Add into your schedules for precise specs on products

Purchase Orders

Fully Integrated with schedules so creating purchase orders takes minutes.
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Purchase Orders

No more frustrating procurement processes.

Start sending your purchase orders in a matter of minutes.

Integrated Schedules

Fully integration means no copy and pasting info

Streamlined Client Collaboration

Easily shareable with clients

Live Team Collaboration

Editable for full collaboration with teams members


Showcase your design in a collaborative online space.
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A New Way to Concept

Quickly curate a concept for client approval

Cross Team Collaboration

Collaborate easily with team members

Quickly Sketch Out Concepts

Integrates with the Programa Web Clipper

Cross Client Collaboration

Share share your beautiful concepts with clients

Procurement Tools

Manage all your payments and deliveries directly from your Schedules.
Procurement Tools

Procurement Hub

Helping designers stay on top of their deadlines, payments and deliveries.

Seamless sharing

Never miss a deadline again

Effortless integration

Easily find and prioritize tasks

Perfect product additions

All your procurement tasks in one place
One platform for your whole company.

Free for teams to try.


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Try Programa for free with a 7 day trial

Try Programa for free with a 7 day trial

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Programa is the most complete interior design software on the market today, with all the features you need to manage your design projects effectively. Whether you are an interior architect, interior stylist or interior designer, this powerful platform has everything you need for creating professional-looking drawings, spec sheets, and product information.

With its built-in project management tools and scheduling features, you can easily monitor and track your progress from one central dashboard. And with its easy-to-create mood boards, you can better visualize and communicate your design ideas to clients and team members alike. So if you're looking for an effective interior design tool that will help you bring your vision to life, start a 7-day free trial.

Programa’s Features for Interior Designers:

  • Product Library: Create an extensive library of interior design elements, including flooring, wall coverings, furniture, lighting fixtures, or whatever your projects need.
  • Invoicing: Our interior design invoicing tools mean whether you're working with residential or commercial clients, you can easily keep track of your budget and billing information.
  • Finish Schedules: With Programa, you can create detailed finish schedules for your projects. This feature allows you to keep track of all the specification details required for each product.
  • Invoicing + Xero: Programa integrates with Xero, so you can easily create and send invoices for your design services. This feature makes it easy to get paid for your work, while reducing admin.
  • Specification Tools: Programa's specification tools allow you to create comprehensive lists of all the materials and products needed for your project. Our interior design selection software is perfect for any professional in the interior design industry.
  • Mood Boards: Programa's mood board feature allows you to create visual representations of your designs. This is a great way to communicate your ideas to clients and get feedback on your work-in-progress.