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Schedule Software for
Interior Designers

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and hello to always up to
date, shareable product schedules from Programa.

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Specification done right

Streamline your studio with Programa's integrated, always available, always accurate scheduling tools.

Live Schedules

Never miss a beat; always available, up-to-date, shareable & secure.

Your own Product Library

The products that matter to your studio, added to schedules with a click.

It's all in the details

Stress-free collaboration: make sure everyone stays informed with Programa's Live Schedules.
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Schedules Summary

Built by and for A&D pros

& feedback from 100s of studios worldwide
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Client comms simplified

Share an online link with Clients to get live approvals and feedback for schedule items, no more email back and forth.

SMAC Studios

"The Client Dashboard has been a revelation, it’s amazing. It allows us to present multiple options for items like tapware and pendant lights directly to clients."

Shona McElroy, Interior Architect, NSW

Your studio, your Schedules

Add custom specs, hide financials when sharing with clients, include detailed installation instructions, whatever your project needs Programa Schedules can support.


"Clients have found schedules from Programa easily digestible compared to our previous spreadsheet structure... Our main feedback has been in regards to furniture procurement, where clients are wanting to be able to see the status of each product."

Yasmine Ghoneim, Director, NSW

No version control needed

Programa Schedules are always up to date, so there's no risk of outdated versions leading to costly mistakes.

Dean Dyson Architects

"The Client Dashboard has allowed us to interact with clients directly with the click of a button rather than continuous issues back and forth to get approval finally."

Dean Dyson, Director, VIC

From idea to install

Your products can be linked to a centralized database of your trusted suppliers, for easy quoting and procurement.

COOOP by Design Partnership

"The Address book has been critical for us to put all our trusted suppliers in one location for ease of contact and accessibility. This helped us make our database go from spread through multiple business cards, cell phones, and notebooks to online and up-to-date."

Callie Van der Merwe, Director, UAE

Unified data entry

Input Schedule data once—access it platform-wide, from Product Libraries to Client Dashboards.

Always available

Cloud based schedules available wherever you need them whether its in the studio, on the go or on site.

On-site sharing

Share via QR code on site to ensure trades and builders have access whenever they need.

Schedule integration

Import your existing schedules.

Library customization

Build your own Product Library with the specs your projects need.

Device adaptability

Mobile and tablet friendly.

Schedule import

Import your existing schedules.
Try Programa for free with a 7 day trial

Try Programa for free with a 7 day trial

Join the world’s best studios

Welcome to Programa's Schedules for Interior Design – where efficiency meets precision in design management! Say farewell to cumbersome spreadsheets and embrace the ease of always up-to-date, shareable product schedules from Programa.

With Programa's Schedule Software, streamline your studio's workflow with integrated, accurate scheduling tools that are always available when you need them. Experience stress-free collaboration with live schedules that ensure everyone stays informed, making communication with clients a breeze.

Crafted by and for A&D pros, Programa's scheduling tools incorporate feedback from hundreds of studios worldwide, ensuring they meet the unique needs of interior designers like you. Simplify client communications by sharing online links for live approvals and feedback, eliminating the need for endless email exchanges.

Customize your Schedules to fit your studio's preferences, whether it's adding custom specs, hiding financials for client presentations, or including detailed installation instructions – Programa Schedules can handle it all. Bid farewell to version control woes, as Programa ensures that your schedules are always up-to-date, minimizing the risk of costly mistakes.

From idea to installation, Programa seamlessly links your products to a centralized supplier database for easy quoting and procurement, streamlining the entire design process. Hear firsthand from our satisfied customers how Programa has transformed their workflows and elevated their design projects.

Experience unified data entry with Programa – input Schedule data once and access it platform-wide, from Product Libraries to Client Dashboards. Our cloud-based schedules are available wherever you need them, whether it's in the studio, on the go, or on-site. Share schedules effortlessly via QR code, ensuring trades and builders have access whenever they need it.

Integrate your existing Schedules seamlessly, customize your product library, and enjoy device adaptability with Programa's mobile and tablet-friendly interface. Join thousands of designers worldwide who trust Programa to streamline their scheduling processes and bring their design visions to life with precision and efficiency.