Product Sourcing & Specification

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with our Web Clipper

Spend less time on data entry and reduce costly
mistakes with the Programa Web Clipper.
Product Library Compile

Effortlessly populate your projects

The Web Clipper integrates with everything from Schedules and Pinboards to Product and Image Libraries. Download now and have more time to design.
Web Clipper Schedule

Scheduling with Web Clipper

Quickly populate schedules with precise specs using Programa’s Web Clipper.

Error-free sourcing

Minimise human error by instantly sourcing specifications directly from supplier websites.

Integrate your inspiration

Instantly clip and integrate design inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram directly into your product or image libraries with ease.

See how Programa can save your studio time and money with Pinboards, Shared Schedules, Product Libraries and more.

Streamline your studio's design process with our Web Clipper, the key to our comprehensive all-in-one design tool.

Straight into your Schedules

Clip supplier products straight into your Schedules for efficient data entry.

Your ultimate design resource

Never double-handle data and utilize the Web Clipper to build your studio's custom Product Library.
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Try Programa for free with a 7 day trial

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