Upstate House
New York City, USA2024-05-09
New York City, USA2024-05-09

Studio 8 ARC, is a multidisciplinary architecture + design studio based in NYC, working globally. Understand how Programa has become an integral part of their design process.

STUDIO 8 Architect is a small NYC-based architecture studio focusing primarily on residential interiors and small-scale architecture. We work in many different styles to create timeless, durable, and practical spaces. We want to ensure our clients see themselves in our designed spaces. Our biggest treat is getting a client with a clear perspective who isn’t afraid to break the rules.

How are you using Programa?

Programa is where we start a project. It helps us organize our preliminary ideas and important information in one place in easy-to-share formats. Since we have been using Programa for a while, we have developed a nice library that our team can pull from.

The Client Dashboard makes it easy to share information and ideas with the client and make decisions throughout all project phases. The schedules are incredibly useful throughout the project in keeping the entire team on the same page. The aesthetics of every aspect of the program are an asset in a design-focused field. As we get more comfortable with the available features, we are slowly expanding the use of our program.

What challenges did the platform help overcome in a most recent project? Could you tell us about it?

Programa is very useful, particularly in our larger projects, where a lot of information must be given to the contractor and various vendors. The ease of organizing and sharing schedules and individual specifications has become an asset to our studio. Its intuitive nature has also made it easy to onboard our growing team.

Try Programa for free with a 7 day trial

Try Programa for free with a 7 day trial

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Studio 8 Architect, a boutique architecture and design firm nestled in the heart of New York City, has carved out a niche for itself with a distinctive approach to residential interiors and small-scale architecture. With a commitment to creating timeless, durable, and bespoke spaces that reflect their clients' personalities and lifestyles, Studio 8 Architects has embraced Programa as an indispensable tool in their design arsenal.

Programa serves as the foundational platform where Studio 8 Architects kickstarts their projects, facilitating the seamless organization and sharing of preliminary ideas and crucial project information. Over time, the studio has curated a comprehensive library within Programa, allowing their team to efficiently draw from past successes and inspirations.

Central to Programa's appeal for Studio 8 Architects is its Client Dashboard, a feature that simplifies communication and decision-making throughout all project phases. This interactive hub enables transparent collaboration, empowering clients to actively engage in the design journey while ensuring alignment with their vision.

In tackling the complexities of larger projects, where meticulous coordination with contractors and vendors is paramount, Programa shines by streamlining the creation and dissemination of schedules and specifications. This capability not only enhances project management but also fortifies Studio 8 Architects' reputation for delivering projects on time and within budget.

Moreover, Programa's intuitive interface has proven instrumental in onboarding new team members seamlessly, fostering a culture of continuous innovation and growth within the studio. As Studio 8 Architects continues to explore and expand the software's rich feature set, they are poised to elevate their design capabilities further, promising even more exceptional outcomes for their discerning clientele.

By harnessing the power of Programa, Studio 8 Architects exemplifies how modern interior design studios can leverage technology to not only meet but exceed client expectations. With a focus on efficiency, collaboration, and aesthetic excellence, Studio 8 Architects continues to set new standards in the competitive landscape of interior design.