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More than just Digital Showroom Software.

We help you sell to Architects and Interior Designers.
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Know Your Sales Funnel

Gain full visibility into your sales funnel for informed product development and stock capacity decisions.

Engage With A Growing Audience

Reach over 15,000 active Interior Design and Architecture professionals sourcing products. An audience growing 20% month-on-month.

Showcase Your Products

Seamlessly display your products on our marketplace via product upload or e-commerce integration, via Brand Profiles.

Access and sell to Interior Designers and Architects

Ensure your products are seen by Architecture and Interior Design's tastemakers.
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Material Selection

Full Sales Funnel Visibility

Understand your product's journey from inquiry to purchase, empowering strategic decisions.

Sourcing Opportunities

Connect with designers seeking products like yours, enhancing exposure and sales.

Effortless Communication

Streamline client communication and order management, reducing manual effort and enhancing efficiency.

Enhanced Procurement

Respond to quotes and fulfill purchase orders seamlessly within our platform.

Get Leads, Quote Requests, Purchase Orders

More sales, less effort. Juggling multiple tools and chasing leads can be time-consuming and never-ending. But becoming more accessible via a digital showroom helps to get better visibility of your sales funnel with high-quality and high-intent leads.

Highly Engaged Audience

Actively procuring.
Total product value specified in Programa.
In product value specified per week.
Engaged sessions from each A&D professional each day.

More than just Digital Showroom Software.

Gain high-intent qualified leads, quickly generate and respond to quote requests, enquiries and purchase orders.
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Over $2.2 billion in total product value specified on Programa. With $5 million+ specified weekly.

15% month-on-month growth of active designers specifying on Programa.

Connect Your E-commerce Site. The Digital Showroom Solution.

Your digital showroom helps open your products and catalogue to be found, referenced, approved and ordered.
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Join 300+ Other Brands

We’re proud to partner with people and organisations who are deeply aligned with our mission.

Living Edge

Furniture & Lighting — Australia’s Destination For Authentic, Original And Sustainable Designer Furniture. Shop From The World’s Most Established And Forward-Looking Luxury Furniture Brands.


Cult offers premium furniture and lighting from top global and Australian brands, providing comprehensive solutions for home, retail, and commercial spaces with expert service and support.


AJAR curates top Spanish furniture and lighting, promoting a Mediterranean lifestyle in Australia through quality craftsmanship, embodying luxury, comfort, and material culture for enhanced living.


WOODCUT offers premium engineered timber flooring with a focus on European Oak, European Ash, and American Walnut. Known for exceptional customer service and professional design consultations, they cater to architects, designers, and homeowners for both commercial and high-end residential projects.

Fisher & Paykel

Fisher & Paykel, a global innovator since 1934, focuses on sustainable, customer-centric design, promoting the "Social Kitchen" concept that integrates technology with lifestyle needs, encouraging interaction and flexibility in kitchen use.


HAY aims to produce accessible contemporary furniture, lighting, and accessories, blending architectural stability and fashion dynamism, focusing on functional, aesthetic designs with global appeal.


Artedomus specializes in high-quality, unique architectural materials and furnishings, bringing exclusive stone, tiles, and design-focused products to Australia since 1985, renowned for timeless beauty and natural elegance.

Nightworks Studio

Nightworks® specializes in innovative, high-quality lighting, recognized for design excellence. Emphasizing in-house design, premium materials, and leading LED technology, their products are globally distributed, combining innovation with timeless aesthetics.

How To Sell To Architects & Interior Designers

The Trade Portal is for Interior Designers, Architects and Specifiers, serious about sourcing and ordering from brands like yours.
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Tailored Support

Benefit from personalised support and guidance from our team to optimise your presence on the Programa platform and maximise your sales potential.

Integration Made Simple

Integration is effortless, with seamless compatibility with platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce.

How to Sell Effectively

Designers can seamlessly browse and include your products in their projects, simplifying the procurement process.

Marketing Opportunities

Expand your brand's reach with our marketing opportunities. Showcase your products through social media, articles, and more.
Of products that are entered into a designer’s schedule will be ordered.
Of products that are entered into a designer’s schedule will be ordered.
Of products approved by clients on the platform are marked as purchased.

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Try Programa for free with a 7 day trial

Try Programa for free with a 7 day trial

Join the world’s best studios

Welcome to the Programa Trade Portal, where brands can showcase their products to architects and interior design professionals. More than just digital showroom software, Programa helps brands sell their products effectively to industry tastemakers.

Programa Brand Home: Gain full visibility into your sales funnel, engage with a growing audience of over 15,000 active interior design and architecture professionals, and seamlessly showcase your products via brand profiles.

Material Selection: Understand your product's journey from inquiry to purchase, connect with designers seeking products like yours, and streamline client communication and order management for enhanced efficiency.

Enhanced Procurement: Respond to quotes and fulfill purchase orders seamlessly within the Programa platform, reducing manual effort and enhancing procurement efficiency.

Highly Engaged Audience: Programa boasts a highly engaged audience, with over $2.2 billion in total product value specified on the platform and $5 million specified weekly. Connect your e-commerce site to the Trade Portal to maximize your brand's visibility and accessibility.

Join 300+ Other Brands: Partner with Programa and join over 300 other brands, including Living Edge, Cult, AJAR, WOODCUT, Fisher & Paykel, HAY, Brightgreen, Artedomus, and Nightworks Studio, in reaching interior design and architecture professionals effectively.

How to Sell to Architects & Interior Designers: Tailored support, seamless integration, effective selling strategies, and marketing opportunities are provided to help brands effectively reach their target audience and maximize sales potential.