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Mood Boards for Interior Design

Conceptualise the early stages with your team then deliver beautiful presentations to clients without needing to switch software.

 Mood Boards for Interior Design

Stop Searching For Interior Design Mood Board Templates and Apps

Mood board templates mean you can get started without the roadblock of opening software and staring at a blank screen. Get started right away with Programa's Pinboards, simply add your images and easily drag and drop them into sections and layouts that suit you.

  • Programa's Pinboards sit within the wider set of tools available for interior designers, meaning inspiration is always a click away.
  • Import your Pinterest image collection.
  • Pull images from a centralised cloud library, no more lost files.
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Stop Searching For Interior Design Mood Board Templates and Apps

Save Time When Building Client Presentations

As a designer, you know the necessity of visual aids when talking to current or potential clients. Unfortunately this often means collecting mood board images from various sources like Pinterest, resizing them, and spending hours getting the design just right.

  • Programa's Pinboards makes it easy to turn your mood boards into shareable presentations.
  • Add your studio's branding.
  • All your studio's inspiration saved in a central image library.
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Save Time When Building Client Presentations

See how Programa can save your studio time and money with Pinboards, Shared Schedules, Product Libraries and more. The only all-in-one tool built by and for interior designers.

Mood Boards to Help Plan Your Next Project

Mood boards are integral to the early stages of an interior design project, ensuring the client, studio, and team are on the same page. Having an easy to reference visual representation of the ideas taken from early meetings with clients can ensure the end project is delivered within scope.

  • Pinboards are just one of the ways Programa can help you plan and execute design projects.
  • Robust project management tools ensure you always feel on top of your studio and projects.
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Mood Boards to Help Plan Your Next Project

Less admin, more design.

Programa is an all-in-one tool for interior designers so you can spend more time designing, and less time being an operations manager.

  • Your studio at your fingertips.
  • Product Libraries, Shareable Schedules, Project Management and more.
  • Turn mood boards into branded client presentations in a click.
  • Import your current image collection from Pinterest.
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Less admin, more design.

Work Together, Remotely

Generating concepts together for your next project is simple with Programa's Pinboards collaborative commenting. This is on top of a suite of tools that help you ensure your studio stays connected.

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