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Programa Trade Portal enables product discovery for A&D professionals while they work.

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Products on the Trade Portal can be added to schedules in a click.

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Your brand, their workflow. Seamlessly integrated throughout Programa.

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Programa For Brands

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Know Your Sales Funnel

Gain full visibility into your sales funnel for informed product development and stock capacity decisions.

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Reach over 15,000 active Interior Design and Architecture professionals sourcing products. An audience growing 20% month-on-month.

Showcase Your Products

Seamlessly display your products on our marketplace via product upload or e-commerce integration, via Brand Profiles.
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We’re proud to partner with people and organisations deeply aligned with our mission.
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Join 300+ Other Brands

We’re proud to partner with people and organisations who are deeply aligned with our mission.

Living Edge

Furniture & Lighting — Australia’s Destination For Authentic, Original And Sustainable Designer Furniture. Shop From The World’s Most Established And Forward-Looking Luxury Furniture Brands.


Cult offers premium furniture and lighting from top global and Australian brands, providing comprehensive solutions for home, retail, and commercial spaces with expert service and support.


AJAR curates top Spanish furniture and lighting, promoting a Mediterranean lifestyle in Australia through quality craftsmanship, embodying luxury, comfort, and material culture for enhanced living.


WOODCUT offers premium engineered timber flooring with a focus on European Oak, European Ash, and American Walnut. Known for exceptional customer service and professional design consultations, they cater to architects, designers, and homeowners for both commercial and high-end residential projects.

Fisher & Paykel

Fisher & Paykel, a global innovator since 1934, focuses on sustainable, customer-centric design, promoting the "Social Kitchen" concept that integrates technology with lifestyle needs, encouraging interaction and flexibility in kitchen use.


HAY aims to produce accessible contemporary furniture, lighting, and accessories, blending architectural stability and fashion dynamism, focusing on functional, aesthetic designs with global appeal.


Artedomus specializes in high-quality, unique architectural materials and furnishings, bringing exclusive stone, tiles, and design-focused products to Australia since 1985, renowned for timeless beauty and natural elegance.

Nightworks Studio

Nightworks® specializes in innovative, high-quality lighting, recognized for design excellence. Emphasizing in-house design, premium materials, and leading LED technology, their products are globally distributed, combining innovation with timeless aesthetics.
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Real leads, ready to procure now.

Your products seen by A&D's leading firms as they work.
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Try Programa for free with a 7 day trial

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Introducing Programa For Brands

Expand Your Reach to A&D Tastemakers

Product Discovery: Reach A&D Professionals While They Work Programa For Brands introduces the Trade Portal, enabling A&D professionals to discover your products while they work. With seamless integration within Programa, your brand gains visibility at crucial moments in the design process.

Instant Procurement: Seamlessly Add Products to Schedules Products listed on the Trade Portal can be added to schedules with just a click, streamlining the procurement process for designers and ensuring your products are readily available for specification.

Client Engagement: Receive Enquiries, Quote Requests, and Leads Engage directly with designers by receiving enquiries, quote requests, and leads through the Trade Portal. Build relationships with potential clients and showcase the value of your brand.

Seamless Brand Experience: Integrated Throughout Programa Your brand becomes an integral part of designers' workflows with seamless integration throughout Programa. From product discovery to procurement, Programa For Brands ensures your products are easily accessible and top-of-mind for A&D professionals.

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Real Leads. Ready to Procure.

Your products seen by A&D's leading firms as they work

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Partner with Programa and reach A&D professionals actively specifying daily. Experience the unbeatable ROI and visibility throughout your customers' workday. Join now and expand your reach to A&D tastemakers!