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Celebrating The IDS Partnership

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Programa and Interior Design Society Partnership
Freedom By Design

Through our partnership with IDS, we are committed to supporting the design community and helping them achieve new levels of success.

Zoe LowresCo-Founder & Head of Designer Product of Programa

Cloud Based Schedules

Streamline operations with cloud-based schedules. Ensure real-time accuracy and accessibility.

Best Practice Scheduling

Powerful, flexible schedules built with feedback from thousands of studios.

By & For Interior Designers

Always feel in control with project management made for interior design workflows.

Always Live, Always Current

Always up to date and available whenever you, your team or clients need them.
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Spec Books That Work For You, Your Studio, Clients and Trades

Say hello to always up-to-date, easily shareable projects.
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One-Time Data Entry

Only ever enter product data once: Import products and specifications from anywhere online.

Client-Friendly Displays

Presentation View for sharing simplified schedules with clients.

Controlled Version Sharing

Full version control and easy sharing avoids stress and costly mistakes.

Builder Collaboration

Shareable Trades View with relevant specifications and notes.
You really do have more time to design using Programa.
Olga Mitrovic-Mihajlovic
Design Director, UAE
Michell & Eades
Olga Mitrovic-Mihajlovic

Straight from the Source

Get personalized training for your team, immediate expert support. Join regular workshops for Programa insights and design best practices. Your data remains secure and exclusive to your team.

Hit The Ground Running

Migrating to new software can be costly and time-consuming, Programa makes it simple.
One platform for your studio.

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