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A Programa Milestone

Capital Raise, Roadmap, And Latest Innovations At Programa
Updated: 27 March 2024

We’re thrilled and proud to announce the successful completion of our recent round of funding. This marks a big step forward in Programa’s journey and empowers us to create even better tools that will simplify the work life for Interior Designers and Architects across the globe.

Mark Velik, an investment principal at EVP, shared his thoughts: “Right from our initial interaction with the Programa team, their revolutionary vision of transforming how designers and brands collaborate resonated strongly with us.”

This infusion of funds will drive us closer to our high level goal of making the entire A&D industry smoother and more efficient. Our commitment lies in making things easier for interior designers, architects, brands, suppliers, builders, and clients.

The invaluable feedback from our user community has been a wealth of information. As we enter this new chapter, we continue to listen to their thoughts and requirements. With a presence in 65 countries and active projects numbering over 25,000, Programa is well on its way to shaping a more streamlined future for the global A&D industry.

Now, let’s explore the progress we’ve achieved and catch a glimpse of the promising road ahead.


Schedules Update:

The recent schedule update brings many improvements to enhance user experience and visual clarity in Programa.

Schedules, the program’s backbone, has been revamped to present a more streamlined and visually appealing look. The updates are just the first in a series of planned schedule changes, with more expected by year-end. Schedules aren’t just a feature, they’re an essential asset to over 30,000 products added each month. And it’s only getting better:

  1. Visual Clarity: With an enhanced design, the visual hierarchy of information is more precise and efficient.
  2. Improved Financial View: Financial metrics are now more detailed, transparent, and comprehensive.
  3. Innovative Navigation Features: With the new “Details” button and the “Next Item” button, navigating product items has never been easier.
  4. Safety First: A two-step process for bulk deletions ensures data is secure and accidental losses are prevented.

Overall, these updates bring a cleaner, more efficient experience to schedules within Programa. Further changes are on the horizon, making the platform even more user-friendly. The recent updates to our Pinboards have brought a fresh look and improved control over layouts. These enhancements aim to facilitate the creation of professional presentations in a matter of minutes.


Client Dashboard & Brag Stats

With a sleeker design and updated functionality, creating a professional presentation in just a few minutes is now possible. Whether you prioritise aesthetics or information, we have got you covered. Programa’s Client Dashboard and Client Approvals has design studios in 65 countries, using this powerful tool.

  • Global Reach in Record Time: Within just six weeks of its debut, over 3,000 unique Client Dashboards have been crafted and shared by studios across 65 countries.
  • Client Engagement Like Never Before: Not just restricted to designers, over 20,000 clients and stakeholders have seamlessly integrated into this innovative platform, accessing project essentials in one consolidated hub.
  • Revolutionising Collaboration: Gone are the days of sifting through endless emails and juggling numerous calls. Designers can now unify their work in a personalised dashboard, facilitating streamlined feedback and approvals.
  • Demonstrated Success: The adoption rate and enthusiastic feedback are a testament to the Client Dashboard’s transformative impact on the design communication landscape.

The support and recognition we receive from our designer community have gone to show just how valuable this update has been to streamline what can be an overly time-consuming process of ideation and concept development.

“The Client Dashboard has opened up a whole new way to be transparent with the client. They’re able to see everything and see what we’re doing….When our clients trust us, it allows us to do our job. The Client Portal enables the client to view what we’re thinking for each project, it adds a level of transparency to our design. Clients can see how much work goes into a space, that they wouldn’t be able to do on their own.”

SHONA McELROY, Principal Designer, SMAC Studio

Pinboards Update

The recent updates to our Pinboards have brought a fresh look and improved control over your Mood Board layouts. These enhancements aim to facilitate the creation of professional presentations in a matter of minutes.

  • Design Revamp: Aligned with our 3.0 look, enjoy precise image resizing and easy-to-follow cropping guidelines.
  • Product Library Integration: Easily import images directly into your Pinboards.
  • Drag And Drop: Images stay put, aligned as you wish, with no unnecessary movements.

We are pleased to announce that we have added new viewing modes to enhance your experience. The “presentation mode” is perfect for design-focused displays as it exclusively showcases images. On the other hand, the “details view” provides a comprehensive understanding by revealing notes, links, and additional information. Moreover, we have made it easier for you to focus on what matters by making the archive mode more visible. This way, you can hide unwanted images easily. These viewing modes are also available in shared versions of your boards, making it possible for clients to experience presentations or explore in-depth details as needed.


Web Clipper Update

The Web Clipper, a highly favoured feature in Programa, has received significant improvements to streamline the user experience and enhance functionality. Users who haven’t yet downloaded the Web Clipper are encouraged to do so as it can revolutionise their overall experience with the program. The new additions include:

  • Bulk Image Import: With the new image scraping tool, importing up to 50 images simultaneously is a breeze.
  • Streamlined Image Collection: Add directly to the Image Library, and speed up your image-gathering process.
  • Editing Existing Product Information: The Web Clipper update lets users easily revise product info in schedules, making adjustments to placeholders and details more efficiently when using templates and system-generated templates.

Overall, the updated Web Clipper significantly enhances image collection, organisation, and editing within the program, making it a versatile tool for design professionals.


On the Horizon

Our vision doesn’t stop with these improvements. Future developments include the incorporation of preset and custom views for schedules. This innovation will enable users to curate schedules by space, room, or product category. Moreover, these personalised views can be effortlessly shared or exported to clients and stakeholders, making collaborations and presentations more streamlined. Further developments include:

  • Enhanced Workflow for Adding Items: A new feature is being developed to simplify adding items to schedules. Previously, users had to navigate through different screens and portals. Now, this entire process will be streamlined within the schedule interface itself.
  • Efficient Editing and Customisation: The new workflow includes a convenient editing tray. Users can easily modify product details, specifications, and financial information. Tabs within the tray allow quick navigation to different sections, avoiding switching between screens. This integrated approach aims to improve efficiency and reduce unnecessary steps.
  • Improved Navigation: A new “navigate to” feature is being introduced for schedules with numerous sections. This feature enables users to move swiftly to specific sections within the schedule, avoiding the need to scroll through the entire document. A drop-down menu lists all sections, making navigation much more manageable.
  • Upcoming Features: Future updates will introduce preset and custom views for schedules. Users can present schedules by various criteria, such as space, room, or product category. This flexibility will allow tailored views to be shared with clients or stakeholders.
  • Ongoing Webinars: More webinars will inform users about these upcoming changes. The designer team encourages user feedback and offers avenues to connect with the design and support team for further assistance.

Closing this quarter, our gratitude extends to every user and investor. Your trust propels Programa’s innovation. With each update, we aim higher, always striving to elevate the design landscape. Here’s to crafting the future together.

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Table of contents
  1. Challenges Faced by Designers in Procurement
  2. How designers can use Procurement Hub
  3. Built by and for designers
  4. Interior Design Software For Professional Interior Designers
  5. Recognising the Impact of Mood Boards in Design
  6. Elevate Your Mood Board Creation and Collaboration
  7. Leveraging Programa’s Pinboards Throughout the Project
  8. Based in Sydney, YSG is a multi-disciplinary practice trailblazing architectural builds and interior design across the residential, commercial, and hospitality sectors. The studio charges spaces with atmospheric potency, staging, and storytelling driving their narrative process. With bold concepts and resourceful details, YSG's projects hopefully stir the soul and spark an emotive drive to feel one's best self within them.
  9. Methods for Calculating Fees
  10. Which Method Will Work For Your Studio?
  11. A Designers Responsibility
  12. The impracticalities of using generic software
  13. Enter Programa.
  14. Remove unnecessary stress and double handling with Programa:
  15. Beanbags: Where Comfort Meets Elegance
  16. Serving Trays: Functional Elegance
  17. Lights: Illuminating Ambiance
  18. The Complexities of Residential Interior Design
  19. Client Connectivity: Crafting Relationships and Spaces
  20. Project Prowess: Managing the Symphony of Tasks
  21. Materials Mastery: Sourcing, Selection, and Inventory
    1. Pinboards: Your Creative Oasis
    2. Financial Finesse: The Art of Business Management
    3. Embark on Your Programa Journey Today
    4. Studio WIP
    5. What else is new?
    6. What’s coming in February?
    7. With Programa’s Purchase Orders, you can:
    8. 2022
    9. 2023
    10. Purchase Orders
    11. Client Dashboard
    12. What’s next?
    13. About Programa’s Privacy Policy
    14. What information does Programa collect?
      2. Information Provided to Programa
      3. Information Collected Automatically
      4. E-mail and Other Communications
      5. Sharing Information
      6. Security
      7. Right to Erasure
      8. Programa Interior Design Software: A Comprehensive Project Management and Collaboration Solution for Architects and Interior Designers
      9. User-friendly Interface and Tools for Seamless Project Management
    15. Why Invest in a Design Process?
    16. Crafting Your Unique Process
    17. Unlock Your Potential with The Design Coach
      1. <strong>Why is a process important?</strong>
      2. <strong>What Process is Best?</strong>
      3. <strong>The Process for Creating a Design Process</strong>
      4. Explore our latest ‘Made with Programa’ as Shona McElroy of SMAC Studio discusses “Introspection,” detailing the challenges, workflow, and the pivotal role Programa played from concept to completion.
      5. Creating spaces seamlessly, blending style and comfort is nothing short of an art form.
      6. Whether you’re designing a residential home, a commercial space, or a public area, SACKit® ‘s products provide a perfect canvas for architects and designers to express their creativity.
      7. These are not just furnishings; they are statements of design excellence.
    18. What is Transparency?
      1. 1. Design Fees
      2. 2. Margins on Product
      3. 3. Managing Budgets and Timelines
    19. What are the benefits?
    20. Getting Started
    21. Q3 Product Update
    22. The world’s best scheduling software gets even better.
    23. The All-new Web Clipper
    24. Other Improvements
    25. <strong>Meet Brightgreen’s MINI Collection: When Less, Meets More</strong>
    26. <strong>Revolutionise Your Lighting Design and Layouts</strong>
      1. <a href="" target="_blank">Fill out this quick form, and we’ll send the pocket-sized party to your doorstep.</a>
    27. Wish there was a way to grow sales and better connect with clients?
    28. Why Does This Matter To Me As A Brand / Supplier?
    29. What Does That Translate To?
  22. How Does the Trade Portal Work?
  23. <strong>How Will It Solve My Problems?</strong>
    1. What does the Trade Portal Offer?
    2. What will it be like day to day?
    3. The Trade Portal Advantage
    4. Schedules Update:
    5. Client Dashboard & Brag Stats
    6. Pinboards Update
    7. Web Clipper Update
    8. On the Horizon
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Reading: A Programa Milestone, Capital Raise, Roadmap, And Latest Innovations At Programa
Try Programa for free with a 7 day trial

Try Programa for free with a 7 day trial

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A Programa Milestone: Capital Raise, Roadmap, And Latest Innovations FOUNDERS: TRAVISS ORR, CLAUDIO OYARCE, ZOE LOWRES

We're excited to share the latest developments and achievements at Programa, including our recent successful round of funding, updates to our core features, and our promising roadmap for the future.

Capital Raise Success: We're proud to announce the successful completion of our recent round of funding. This milestone empowers us to continue creating innovative tools that simplify the work life for Interior Designers and Architects worldwide.

Roadmap Ahead: Our high-level goal is to make the entire A&D industry smoother and more efficient. With invaluable feedback from our user community and a presence in 65 countries, Programa is well-positioned to shape the future of design management.

Latest Innovations: Explore the recent updates and enhancements to Programa's core features:

  1. Schedules Update: Enhanced visual clarity, improved financial view, innovative navigation features, and enhanced safety measures ensure a streamlined experience for over 30,000 products added each month.
  2. Client Dashboard & Brag Stats: Create professional presentations in minutes with updated functionality and a sleeker design. Over 3,000 unique Client Dashboards have been crafted and shared by studios across 65 countries, revolutionizing collaboration and client engagement.
  3. Pinboards Update: Enjoy precise image resizing, easy-to-follow cropping guidelines, and improved control over Mood Board layouts. New viewing modes enhance the presentation and detail viewing experience.
  4. Web Clipper Update: Significant improvements streamline image collection, organization, and editing within Programa. The new bulk image import feature makes importing up to 50 images simultaneously effortless.

Future Developments: Our vision includes incorporating preset and custom views for schedules, enhancing workflow for adding items, and improving navigation within schedules. Ongoing webinars will inform users about these upcoming changes and provide avenues for feedback and assistance.

Join Programa's Journey: Experience the transformative power of Programa and join us in crafting the future of design management. Available now to Programa users as part of your Pro subscription.

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