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For the second year running Programa has been ranked as a category leader for interior design software.

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Likes and views don't equal sales. We built Programa to solve real problems for A&D professionals and our Trade Portal and sales tools will empower your sales team to close more deals.
Claudio Oyarce
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Introducing Programa for Brands

With Programa for Brands there's no guess work - just real professionals, working on real projects, in real time.


Programa for Brands is built from the ground up to deliver growth, not vanity metrics.

Nickolas Gurtler, Melbourne VIC

With hundreds of items across many different suppliers, it was very useful to keep track of every moving part using Programa, which is something we wouldn’t have been able to manage with the manpower of our team without something like Programa.

We’ve become much more streamlined in our workflow and are spending more time designing and less time in project admin.

The Highest Intent Channel

Understand the exact stage of actively procuring projects and products for strategically targeted outreach and marketing.

GOLDEN, Melbourne VIC

Programa has been really helpful in keeping track of the phases of various items we are specifying. Whether it be Client change of mind, a revision, or to note that we are quoting, it helps as a visual to-do list for us, as well as for the Client and Contractors to visually understand where the project is up to, the decisions that still need to be made and when a revision was made.

Quote Requests

No need to worry about qualification; Programa Prospects are always A&D professionals, working on real projects across single and multi-res, commercial, hospitality, aged-care and more.

Sacred Spaces Studio, Miami USA

The bulk email functionality for quotes has dramatically simplified our procurement process, automating and streamlining this task. This allows us to allocate more time to creative design work and client interaction.

Centralised Outreach

Empower your sales team and help them service your clients earlier in the sales cycle, so you lock-in more deals, now.

YSG, Sydney, NSW

For our current projects, we primarily use Programa’s Scheduling and Product Library functions. Clients and suppliers can access live schedule updates through shared URLs, and we can easily send quote requests directly from our schedules.
This centralises our interactions and information exchange with brands, saving us a significant amount of time.

Sales Funnel Visibility

See the future of your sales funnel. Connect with designers at every stage, from inception to installation. Gain an unprecedented overview of your sales for this month, this quarter, this year, and beyond.

Kim Kneipp, Melbourne VIC

The transparency and efficiency brought about by Programa have undoubtedly added significant value to our client relationships.

Meet natural and native promotion

Guaranteed to be seen by only industry professionals, not just as they browse, but also while they work.

The Unified Product Library

It’s not just about discovery, the Unified Product Library surfaces products from Programa for Brands at natural points in the designer’s workflow. Launching Soon.

The Trade Portal 2.0

A new Programa Trade Portal experience, designed to act as a hub for for your brand, products and team. Launching Soon.

High-value Audience

With over 50,000 active Australian subscribers across email, social and in app channels, we can help craft the perfect message, delivered at the perfect time.
Not just discovery, your products in designer’s projects as they work.
With Programa the leads come to us, keeping them in one, place in an easy to use platform.
Annabel Tucker
Head of Social Media & Marketing, Woodcut
Try Programa for free with a 7 day trial

Try Programa for free with a 7 day trial

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Introducing Programa For Brands

Expand Your Reach to A&D Tastemakers

Product Discovery: Reach A&D Professionals While They Work Programa For Brands introduces the Trade Portal, enabling A&D professionals to discover your products while they work. With seamless integration within Programa, your brand gains visibility at crucial moments in the design process.

Instant Procurement: Seamlessly Add Products to Schedules Products listed on the Trade Portal can be added to schedules with just a click, streamlining the procurement process for designers and ensuring your products are readily available for specification.

Client Engagement: Receive Enquiries, Quote Requests, and Leads Engage directly with designers by receiving enquiries, quote requests, and leads through the Trade Portal. Build relationships with potential clients and showcase the value of your brand.

Seamless Brand Experience: Integrated Throughout Programa Your brand becomes an integral part of designers' workflows with seamless integration throughout Programa. From product discovery to procurement, Programa For Brands ensures your products are easily accessible and top-of-mind for A&D professionals.

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