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Programa provides efficient tools for managing your FF&E Specifications, enhancing collaboration, and streamlining your design processes.
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Furniture Schedule

Stop searching for FF&E templates and apps

With Programa's schedules, you can jump right into designing—there are no blank screens or software barriers. Our software will help you streamline your Schedules, gather inspiration, and manage complexity.

Project Management

Keep your team and your projects running smoothly in one place.

Always up-to-date

Schedules that stay live, ensuring minimal double-handling.


Up-to-date schedules, kept live using the cloud.

Seamless to share

Share with clients, builders, and trades.

Programa is the all-in-one tool for your FF&E needs.

See how Programa can save your studio time and money with Pinboards, Shared Schedules, Product Libraries, and more.


Simplify specifications, centralizing all details in one hub.
Project Management

Product Library

Build your own FF&E Product Library with the specs your projects need.
Programa has streamlined my communication not only with clients but with all parties involved, from builders, contractors and suppliers to delivery teams and colleagues.
Shona McElroy
Interior Architect, NSW
SMAC Studio
Shona McElroy

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Try Programa for free with a 7 day trial

Try Programa for free with a 7 day trial

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Spreadsheets may have their place, but they weren't built for the complexities of interior design. Programa offers a revolutionary solution, moving beyond printed spreadsheets to provide your clients and trades with access to custom-designed, live, and updated Shared Schedules, keeping everyone in sync throughout the project lifecycle.

With our Furniture Schedule feature, specification becomes simplified, allowing you to track product specifications and progress from concept to completion with just a one-time data entry. This ensures that everyone involved, from clients and builders to designers, remains informed and aligned, fostering smoother communication and collaboration.

Just ask Shona McElroy from SMAC Studio—Programa has streamlined communication not only with clients but with all parties involved, including builders, contractors, suppliers, delivery teams, and colleagues. Join industry leaders like Shona and discover how Programa is transforming interior design processes.

Clients and trades can stay updated effortlessly with live link sharing, eliminating the need to worry about outdated PDFs or cumbersome Excel files that can lead to costly ordering and installation issues. Programa's Shared Schedules are always up to date, ensuring that everyone has access to the latest version at all times.

For instant access to specifications on-site, Programa provides QR codes, securing your design's integrity from concept to installation. Trades and builders can access the latest specifications and installation details immediately, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in project execution.

Moreover, with Programa, you can create your studio's custom Product Library, seamlessly populating schedules and eliminating redundant data entry. Covering furniture, lighting, materials, finishes, and more, Programa supports every aspect of your project, empowering you to deliver exceptional results.