Premium Ash Collection


Discover the artistry beneath your feet with WOODCUT's Premium Ash Collection – the foundation of exquisite interiors.

WOODCUT combines craftsmanship with technology to create premium engineered timber flooring.

With over 21 years in the industry, WOODCUT specialises in French Oak, European Oak, European Ash, and American Walnut, catering to both commercial and high-end residential spaces. Their commitment to quality and functionality has made them a preferred choice for architects, designers, and homeowners alike.

Characterised by a minimalistic knot presence and a more pronounced grain pattern, it offers a clean and modern aesthetic, making it a prime choice for contemporary interiors seeking a blend of elegance and natural beauty.

ANNABEL TUCKERSocial Media & Marketing Manager
Alexandra House - Smokey Ash
Kings Rd - Limed Ash

Ash, a hardwood species celebrated for its versatility, offers an appealing choice for flooring solutions.

ANNABEL TUCKERSocial Media & Marketing Manager


Why Choose WOODCUT’s Premium Ash Collection?


Durability Meets Design

Ash, a hardwood species celebrated for its durability, presents a pristine, modern aesthetic with minimal knots and a pronounced grain pattern. Ideal for contemporary interiors, this collection balances aesthetics with natural materials.

Light and Inviting Palette

The light and inviting hues of Ash floorboards compliment open spaces with a sense of sophistication, perfectly complementing modern and Scandinavian designs.

Mermaid Waters - Tanned Ash Herringbone

Service and Support

WOODCUT offers a personalised service, expert advice, and consistent follow-ups to ensure customer satisfaction. Its deep industry knowledge equips it to handle any challenge efficiently.

Sustainable Growth and Innovation

WOODCUT is committed to expanding its range to accommodate diverse client budgets while continuing to innovate in product design and sustainability. Its partnership with Programa enhances its market presence and lead generation.

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Elevate your interior design with Woodcut's Premium Ash Collection, spotlighted by Programa in our exploration of excellence in timber flooring. Experience the fusion of tradition and technology as Woodcut pioneers innovative methods, ensuring the integrity and quality of each timber plank.