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Studio Noakes


Redfern, NSW

Studio Noakes, led by principal and founder Genine Noakes, brings decades of experience in revitalizing existing homes, seamlessly blending the old with the new to craft fresh narratives for clients. With a focus on preserving each structure's character, the studio infuses functionality and authenticity into every space, renovating properties with a mindful approach that cherishes both the essence of the building and the personality of its inhabitants. Typical project timelines range from 3 to 18 months, depending on the scale of the renovation.

Programa is integral to our project workflow. From the beginning of each project, Programa allows a constant evolution of thoughts, ideas and concepts to be documented in a way that is fast, seamless and easy to access.

Genine NoakesPrincipal

Project timelines at Studio Noakes typically range from 3 to 18 months, depending on the scale of the renovation. Currently, the studio is actively engaged in several projects, including the completion of Riley St and Watertower, with ongoing works at Coranto St and upcoming endeavors such as Mirrabooka, Village House, Pine Avenue, and Cowper Street.

Studio Noakes prides itself on a culture of collaboration and genuine connection with clients, striving to understand their lifestyles, tastes, and design requirements to create bespoke spaces that reflect their personalities while respecting the historical elements of their homes. Partnering with architects and builders, the studio ensures meticulous attention to detail and seamless execution from design to construction.

Programa has brought order to our studio. It allows easy tracking during our furniture and lighting procurement stages, and allows the whole team to be across upcoming deliveries, invoices and installs.

Gemma MihillInterior Designer

Renovation of existing properties is at the heart of Studio Noakes' design philosophy, emphasizing sustainability and ethical practices to reduce waste and preserve resources. Integrating technology into their designs, the studio harnesses tools like Programa to streamline project management, specification, workflow, and client communication.

Programa plays a pivotal role in Studio Noakes' project workflow, facilitating seamless collaboration and communication among team members and clients. From documenting evolving concepts to tracking procurement stages and scheduling installations, Programa brings order to the studio and enhances client relationships through its intuitive dashboard and communication features.

Programa allows us to succeed at building spaces where the design intention is carried through, resulting in carefully crafted spaces which are injected with history, character and personality.

Genine NoakesPrincipal

Feedback from both the team and clients highlights Programa's evolving utility, from streamlining communication and collaboration to expediting the design process and ensuring project success. As Programa becomes increasingly integrated into Studio Noakes' practice, its influence on project outcomes and the design process remains undeniable, resulting in meticulously crafted spaces that embody history, character, and personality.

Our clients and contractors love using Programa - often pulling it up onsite with us to ask questions on specific products or applications.

Genine NoakesPrincipal
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Discover how Studio Noakes, under the leadership of principal Genine Noakes, blends timeless elegance with modern efficiency in their interior design projects, fueled by their partnership with Programa. With a focus on preserving historical elements while infusing spaces with their clients' personalities, Studio Noakes creates bespoke designs that resonate with authenticity and charm.

Through Programa's intuitive platform, Studio Noakes navigates project timelines with ease, ensuring seamless communication and collaboration among team members and clients. From concept to completion, Programa facilitates every stage of the design process, from documenting evolving ideas to managing procurement and scheduling installations.

Studio Noakes' commitment to sustainability and ethical practices is complemented by Programa's features, which enable the studio to reduce waste and preserve resources while delivering exceptional design solutions. As Programa becomes increasingly integrated into Studio Noakes' workflow, its impact on project success and client satisfaction is undeniable, solidifying its position as an invaluable tool in the studio's quest for efficiency and elegance in interior design.