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New Orleans, USA

Studio BKA, nestled in the heart of New Orleans, is a boutique architectural firm with a profound dedication to custom residential, historic preservation, and hospitality projects. Their practice is defined by a holistic design approach, wherein every project is meticulously crafted from the inside-out to ensure seamless integration with its surroundings.

Technology isn't just a tool; it's an integral part of the workflow at Studio BKA. Leveraging the latest advancements, such as Programa, the team ensures that their processes are not only organized and thorough but also highly collaborative. By harnessing 3D modeling technology, they virtually construct each project before breaking ground, preemptively addressing any potential coordination issues.

Programa is very easy to use and has quicker loading speeds than other scheduling software I tested, so updating information is fast.

Kim Payne AllenArchitect

Programa plays a pivotal role in their operations, serving as the backbone for scheduling Finish and Fixture schedules, as well as Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment (FFE) schedules. The platform allows them to input budgetary information, offering a comprehensive view of the entire fixture package's cost before the project enters the bid phase. Additionally, Studio BKA utilizes Programa's Pinboards feature to showcase renderings, providing clients with a visual representation of their design concepts.

Recently, Programa helped Studio BKA overcome a significant challenge in their project workflow. Being a web-based software, it enables multiple designers to work simultaneously without the fear of overriding each other's contributions. This collaborative environment fosters efficiency and streamlines the design process. Furthermore, Programa's user-friendly interface and integration of imagery alleviate the issues previously encountered with Excel. With the old system, clients lacked access until schedules were finalized, leading to confusion about the latest updates. Programa eliminates this ambiguity by providing real-time access to updated schedules via personalized dashboards. The platform's swift loading speeds ensure that information updates are promptly reflected, enhancing client satisfaction.

My clients also love Programa because they can pull up their dashboard to the latest and greatest finish and fixture schedules. There's never a question about having the most updated schedule since everything is web-based.

Kim Payne AllenArchitect

While Studio BKA finds Programa indispensable, they express a desire for an iPhone app to further facilitate accessibility. Nonetheless, they remain optimistic about the platform's potential enhancements in the future.

Try Programa for free with a 7 day trial

Try Programa for free with a 7 day trial

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Step into a world where architectural excellence meets cutting-edge technology. Explore Studio BKA 1's transformative journey as they redefine the very essence of design with Programa, a dynamic software solution revolutionizing the architectural landscape.

Nestled in the heart of New Orleans, Studio BKA 1 is not just an architectural firm; it's a beacon of innovation. Specializing in custom residential, historic preservation, and hospitality projects, their portfolio speaks volumes about their commitment to excellence. But what sets them apart isn't just their stunning designs—it's their holistic approach to every project.

At Studio BKA 1, every detail matters. From the initial concept to the final execution, they meticulously craft each space to reflect their clients' vision and the unique character of its surroundings. And at the core of their process lies Programa, a game-changing software platform that has transformed the way they work.

With Programa, Studio BKA 1 has unlocked a new realm of possibilities. Gone are the days of disjointed workflows and fragmented communication. Instead, they now enjoy seamless collaboration, thanks to Programa's intuitive interface and real-time updates. Whether it's scheduling finish and fixture plans or managing budgets, Programa streamlines every aspect of the design process, allowing Studio BKA 1 to focus on what they do best—creating breathtaking spaces.