Spanish Queen House

Robson Rak

The Spanish Queen house consisted of a complete restoration, renovation and addition to a 1920’s Spanish mission home.

Inspired by the 1920’s speakeasy, a steel and travertine bar greets one at the entrance, very quickly enlightening one to the social attitude of the occupants.

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The palette is one of old world luxury and tarnish. A cocktail of textured and robust materials were used; silver grey limestone floors, travertine bench tops, tarnished silver light fittings and veneers help to evoke the splendour of the period but also assist in handling the hard knocks of family life. A new kitchen and family living room were created to the rear of the property with a steel and glass atrium bathing that entire area with light; within this atrium steel doors bi-fold out for the ultimate indoor/outdoor entertainment space.


A mix of new and vintage furniture was sourced to achieve a more layered and legitimate aesthetic rather than specification of all new furniture. The complete restoration/refurbishment of the house has corrected all of the shortcomings of a building built in the 1920’s ie; double glazed doors + windows, smart wiring and insulation bringing the home into the 21st century.

We’ve successfully created the ultimate social family home with zones and strategic materiality to allow for the various realities of children and adult fun to co-exist under the one roof. A home which caters for the needs and desires of all who reside there.

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Step into a world where old-world opulence meets contemporary living. With silver grey limestone floors, travertine benchtops, and tarnished silver light fittings, every element exudes the splendor of the era while standing strong against the rigors of family life. Behind the scenes, a new kitchen and family living area await, bathed in natural light through a stunning steel and glass atrium.

Embrace the charm of vintage alongside the allure of the new, as we seamlessly blend modern functionality with timeless aesthetics. From double-glazed windows to smart wiring and insulation, every detail has been meticulously crafted to bring this 1920’s gem into the 21st century.

Experience the epitome of social family living, where zones and materials harmonize to accommodate the diverse needs of every member. Whether it’s children's playtime or adult gatherings, our design ensures every moment is celebrated under one roof.