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Vulcan House

Made with Programa
Perth, Australia2024-06-05
Perth, Australia2024-06-05

Explore our latest ‘Made with Programa’ feature as Nickolas Gurtler discusses the Vulcan House project, detailing the workflow, challenges, and how Programa streamlined the design process.

Melbourne-based Nickolas Gurtler Office is a multi-disciplinary design firm crafting interiors across the residential, multi-residential and commercial sectors. At Nickolas Gurtler, design explores the dynamic interplay between minimalism and maximalism, resulting in both refined and transcendent spaces.

Each project meticulously balances the rituals of everyday use with a bold challenge to conventional norms. The firm's approach celebrates the alchemy of materials, executed with an exquisite restraint that embodies luxury. Fuelled by a global perspective, the studio's influences stem from unlikely sources, a reverence for design history and advocacy for emerging Australian art and design.

One of our repeat clients in Sydney remarked it felt ‘like a glow up’ with our scheduling practices after we implemented Programa.

Nickolas GurtlerDirector

What was the project? What was the brief?

Our latest residential project Vulcan House in the leafy suburb of Woodlands in Western Australia was the result of almost 6 years of planning and construction. We were engaged as part of a team with building designer Dorian Morelli and landscape Architect Tristan Pierce to create a “forever home” that would stand the test of time whilst evolving and growing with the young family. Our role was to design the interior architecture as well as the decoration toward the completion of the build.

The clients were looking for a home that would feel timeless with a sense of permanence, and of course completely bespoke to their specific needs and wants. It was important to them that all elements of the design from the architecture to the interiors to the landscaping be in harmony.

With hundreds of items across many different suppliers, it was very useful to keep track of every moving part using Programa, just something we wouldn’t have had the ability to manage with the manpower of our team without something like Programa.

Nickolas GurtlerDirector

What were the challenges? How did you overcome these?

One of the biggest challenges was designing this project during COVID which presented issues in terms of material shortages, price fluctuations, and of course border closures meaning we were unable to visit the site as often as we’d have liked.

We have become experts in designing from a distance, with work in 4 states across the country as well as work in the USA. We’ve become adept at working digitally as much as possible and have become more reliant on a variety of digital technologies to enhance our workflow including working more immerssevely in 3D as well as video conferencing and cloud based systems.

As far as material shortages and price fluctuations, we had to adapt as you do on any project. It forced us to be more creative with less, ensuring spaces remained balanced whilst amending our initial vision. We actually don’t mind doing this as it often gives us the opportunity to revisit the project with the benefit of hindsight in a way and rework things where they are harmony.

Did you receive any feedback on Programa from your team and clients?

One of our repeat clients (Cole Hair Studio) in Sydney had the benefit of working with us both pre and post implementing programa and she remarked it felt “like a glow up” with our scheduling practices. She really enjoyed being able to see all her information be updated in real-time and to engage with us in a more direct way. As a studio we think it allows clients a bit more of a view inside how the project works and how much work goes into a specific project. We always have feedback on Programa about how we’d like to customise it for our specific workflow but are really happy with the continuous addition of new features.

Some of the challenges as designers is keeping everything in a schedule that is able to be constantly updated without taking too much physical and mental time away from what we're doing, which is designing. Programa has helped so much in that way...

Nickolas GurtlerDirector

Reflect on the role of Programa in the project's success and its influence on your design process.

With hundreds of items across many different suppliers it was very useful to keep track of every moving part using Programa, just something we wouldn’t have had the ability to manage with the manpower of our team without something like Programa. We’ve become much more streamlined in our workflow and are spending more time designing and less time in project admin.

Try Programa for free with a 7 day trial

Try Programa for free with a 7 day trial

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Nickolas Gurtler Studio: Redefining Interior Design with Programa

In our latest 'Made with Programa' feature, we dive into the intricacies of the Vulcan House project with Nickolas Gurtler, showcasing how Programa's interior design software played a pivotal role in optimizing their workflow. This Melbourne-based design studio, known for its innovative approach, seamlessly blends minimalism and maximalism to create spaces that are both refined and transcendent.

Project Overview

The Vulcan House, nestled in the leafy suburb of Woodlands in Western Australia, is the culmination of nearly six years of meticulous planning and construction. Collaborating with building designer Dorian Morelli and landscape architect Tristan Pierce, Nickolas Gurtler’s team was tasked with designing a timeless 'forever home' that harmonizes with its surroundings and meets the bespoke needs of a young family.

The clients sought a residence exuding a sense of permanence and uniqueness, demanding seamless integration of architectural and interior elements with the landscape. Programa's interior design software became instrumental in managing the project’s complexity, particularly given the challenges posed by COVID-19.

Overcoming Challenges with Programa

Designing during the pandemic introduced hurdles like material shortages, price fluctuations, and restricted site visits due to border closures. Nickolas Gurtler's team adapted by enhancing their digital workflow, leveraging 3D modeling, video conferencing, and cloud-based systems. Programa's comprehensive interior design schedule capabilities enabled the team to maintain meticulous oversight of the project, despite these obstacles.

The software's ability to track hundreds of items across various suppliers proved invaluable. It streamlined the workflow, reducing the need for manual management and allowing the team to focus more on the creative aspects of design.

Feedback from Clients and Team

Clients, including repeat collaborators like Cole Hair Studio in Sydney, noticed significant improvements in scheduling and project transparency. The real-time updates and direct engagement facilitated by Programa's client dashboard enhanced client satisfaction and understanding of the project's progress.

Nickolas Gurtler himself highlighted the challenge of maintaining an updated schedule without diverting too much time from design activities. Programa mitigated this issue, enabling the team to stay focused on their core design tasks while efficiently managing project admin.

Programa's Role in Project Success

Programa's interior design software was crucial in the success of the Vulcan House project. Its FF&E (Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment) management, combined with an intuitive client dashboard, provided a cohesive platform for the studio’s diverse needs. The software's continuous feature updates and customization options further tailored it to the studio’s specific workflow, ensuring ongoing improvement and satisfaction.

In conclusion, Programa has significantly enhanced Nickolas Gurtler Studio's efficiency and project management capabilities. By integrating powerful tools tailored for interior design studios, Programa enables teams to navigate complex projects with ease, ultimately allowing more time for creativity and innovation.