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QA with Programa
Sydney, Australia2023-11-04
In Practice
Sydney, Australia2023-11-04

Sydney, NSW

Programa has brought about a remarkable enhancement in our project management efficiency. It serves as a streamlined tool that not only simplifies workflow and scheduling but also, crucially, it has enabled our team to maintain real-time communication.

Darren GennerCo-Founder
Simona Castagna & Darren Genner

Can you describe the founding story of the studio and the core mission that drives your work?

Minosa was founded by Simona Castagna & Darren Genner with the vision of making life better through extraordinary interior spaces. Our core mission is to design beautiful and functional interior spaces that foster qualities of organisation, comfort, relaxation, security and peace. We are driven by the desire to create bespoke, authentic designs that are client-focused and will enhance their lives.

Our journey into interiors was sparked by a mutual passion for transforming spaces into unique, functional, and aesthetically pleasing environments. Our fascination with the power of design to enhance people’s lives led us to open Studio Minosa 22 years ago. We are captivated by the potential to shape people’s experiences within the constructed world and to create imaginative, client-centric solutions.

How has integrating Programa into your studio operations impacted your project management efficiency, especially in terms of workflow and task scheduling?

Programa has brought about a remarkable enhancement in our project management efficiency. It serves as a streamlined tool that not only simplifies workflow and scheduling but also, crucially, has enabled our team to maintain real-time communication. In the face of challenges posed by the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, and with a majority of our team in lockdown, we urgently needed a solution that would facilitate uninterrupted communication.

Programa emerged as the essential product that has allowed us to keep our design projects live, both within the studio and on-site, without relying on cumbersome spreadsheets or printed materials. Its profound impact on our workflow is enduring and transformative.

Can you share any specific examples where Programa has streamlined the specification process in your recent projects?

We spend hours researching new products and materials and when we now find a product that we love, Programa gives it a home. The software makes it so easy to find for use to again and again across different projects with the click of a button.

In what ways has Programa enhanced your client communications, and do you feel it has added value to your client relationships?

Programa has enhanced client communications by providing a transparent and accessible platform for sharing project details and progress. This has added value to our client relationships by promoting trust and collaboration.

How would you describe your studio’s culture and working environment?

Our studio thrives on a close-knit and collaborative culture, and we promote strong teamwork and synergy among our team members. We have intentionally cultivated an environment where everyone works closely together, which has proven to be the foundation of our success. This close interaction not only enhances communication and understanding but also encourages creativity. Everyone has a shared passion for architecture and design, and we take pride in nurturing an atmosphere that values everyone’s contributions while emphasising the collective strength of our team. This camaraderie and tight-knit working dynamic enable us to consistently deliver great results to our clients and create a fulfilling professional experience for our team.

How do you choose the projects you work on, and what are your criteria for selection?

We choose projects that align with our values and allow us to push the boundaries of design. Our criteria include the opportunity to make a significant impact on the client’s life, create unique solutions, and maintain a high level of authenticity.

What role does collaboration play within your studio, and how do you foster it?

Collaboration is central to our design process. We foster it through open communication, regular team meetings, and by encouraging diverse perspectives. Collaboration ensures that our projects are enriched with creativity and expertise.

How would you articulate your design philosophy? What principles guide your creative process?

Our design philosophy revolves around the art of personalisation, with a central focus on crafting solutions that are perfectly tailored to the unique needs and character of our clients and their spaces. Our creative process is steered by the principles of functionality, authenticity, and the seamless integration of our clients’ desires and requirements into every project. We firmly believe that the end result should be a design that is unmistakably and entirely client-centric, aligning with their vision and aspirations.

Can you discuss a specific method or technique that’s signature to your studio’s practice?

Our commitment to our clients extends to the lengths we go to provide them with highly detailed, photorealistic 3D imaging. This practice is instrumental in ensuring that our clients are not only informed but also thoroughly immersed in the envisioned outcomes before embarking on the construction phase. We understand that clear communication and comprehensive understanding are the cornerstones of a successful project.

At Studio Minosa, each project is distinguished by its bespoke and authentic design. What sets us apart is our in-house 3D CGI Imaging, which serves as a powerful tool for manifesting our vision and maintaining an unwavering focus on intricate details during the design journey. Through this technology, we empower our clients to gain a profound comprehension of the proposed spaces, facilitating a sense of ownership and collaboration in the creative process. Moreover, this practice ensures that all trades and the build team are equipped with a crystal-clear understanding of the desired results, fostering a harmonious and efficient execution.

How do you integrate sustainability or other ethical considerations into your work?

Sustainability holds a paramount place in our design process. We place a strong emphasis on traditional sustainability principles and localisation whenever feasible. Additionally, we advocate for a “build the best you can afford” approach, steering clear of fleeting design trends. By adopting this philosophy, we ensure that our designed spaces possess enduring qualities and stand the test of time. Our dedication to authenticity leads us to shun extravagance and, in turn, prioritise responsible design.

Programa streamlined our project planning and management. We'll relied on its features for specifying materials and enhancing communication with our clients and the trades.

Darren GennerFounder

How do you balance creativity with functionality in your designs?

Balancing creativity and functionality is at the heart of our practice. We believe that creative solutions should enhance the functionality of a space, making it beautiful, comfortable, and practical for our clients. Careful consideration of our clients lifestyles is paramount to function and usability

What role does technology play in your design process, and how do you stay abreast of new tools and techniques?

One of our core values is pushing the boundaries of expectation, a fundamental principle that guides our approach. Our commitment to this value compels us to consistently strive for excellence and exceed the ordinary in every facet of our work. This ethos extends to our presentations, deliverables, and actions, ultimately culminating in elevated client satisfaction.

We firmly believe that it is our responsibility to propel our clients towards a superior outcome in all dimensions of the deliverable. By doing so, our clients invariably depart from our collaboration feeling inspired by the possibilities of tomorrow and future design. Technology plays a pivotal role in our pursuit of this value, as it evolves rapidly, necessitating our vigilant adoption of cutting-edge tools and techniques. Our embrace of technology includes automating processes, crafting lifelike 3D CGI images for effective communication, and employing QR codes to simplify interactions. By doing so, we remain at the forefront of innovation, empowering our clients to experience the potential of the future.

Try Programa for free with a 7 day trial

Try Programa for free with a 7 day trial

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Founded by Simona Castagna & Darren Genner, Studio Minosa has a vision of enhancing lives through extraordinary interior spaces. With a core mission to design beautiful and functional environments fostering organization, comfort, and peace, Studio Minosa brings 22 years of expertise to the forefront.

Integrating Programa into their studio operations has revolutionized project management efficiency. Programa serves as a streamlined tool, simplifying workflow, scheduling, and enabling real-time communication. This integration proved invaluable during the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring uninterrupted project progress both in-studio and on-site.

The impact of Programa extends beyond project management, enhancing the specification process by providing easy access to previously researched products and materials, fostering efficiency and consistency across projects.

Moreover, Programa enhances client communications by providing transparent platforms for sharing project details and progress, thereby fostering trust and collaboration.

Studio Minosa's culture emphasizes close collaboration, teamwork, and a shared passion for design, which ultimately results in exceptional outcomes for clients. Their commitment to sustainability and the balance between creativity and functionality further sets them apart in the industry.

Embracing technology as a core value, Studio Minosa leverages cutting-edge tools and techniques to exceed client expectations and stay ahead of the curve.

With Studio Minosa's dedication to crafting bespoke, authentic designs, and Programa's seamless integration, your interior design projects are in capable hands, ensuring a transformative and enriching experience for clients.