FLACK Studio &
Volker Haug

"Me and You"

An exciting collaboration between Melbourne designer David Flack of FLACK Studio and Volker Haug, a brand accessible through the Programa Trade Portal.

"Me and You," a collaborative creation by Melbourne-based Volker Haug Studio and Flack Studio, debuts a collection of decorative light fixtures.

This range exemplifies a fusion of industrial and interior design, grounded in a philosophy that celebrates the intrinsic beauty of materials like brass, glass, and fibreglass. Each design is a narrative of form meeting function under the initial idea of set dimensions – a 20cm-wide backplate that served as the inciting guide for creative exploration.

The collection varies from reinterpretations of Flack Studio's designs for the Ace Hotel Sydney to the standout 'Troye' sconce, inspired by a bespoke lamp created for Troye Sivan's home. This piece, in particular, showcases a unique interplay of textures and illumination, with its perforated metal shell revealing bursts of light—a testament to the collection's theme of 'soft' and 'hard' dualities.

By prioritizing a design process that embraces spontaneity and adaptation, "Me & You" not only adheres to strict design principles but also ventures beyond them, allowing the materials themselves to dictate the aesthetic direction. This approach ensures that each fixture not only serves as a source of light but also as a dynamic component of the space it inhabits.

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Dive into the captivating collaboration between FLACK Studio and Volker Haug Studio with "Me and You," a stunning collection of decorative light fixtures now available through the Programa Trade Portal. Crafted by Melbourne-based designer David Flack and the renowned Volker Haug, this collection seamlessly merges industrial and interior design elements, showcasing the beauty of materials such as brass, glass, and fiberglass.

Each piece in the collection tells a unique story of form meeting function, anchored by a shared philosophy that embraces the intrinsic beauty of materials. From reinterpretations of FLACK Studio's designs for the Ace Hotel Sydney to standout pieces like the 'Troye' sconce, inspired by a bespoke lamp crafted for Troye Sivan's home, the collection offers a diverse range of designs that embody the theme of 'soft' and 'hard' dualities.

What sets "Me and You" apart is its design process, which prioritizes spontaneity and adaptation. By allowing materials to dictate the aesthetic direction, each fixture becomes more than just a source of light—it becomes a dynamic component of the space it inhabits, adding depth and character to any interior setting.

Experience the fusion of creativity and craftsmanship with "Me and You," where each fixture is a testament to the boundless possibilities of collaborative design.