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Capra Designs
Capra Designs

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Capra Designs

Capra Designs

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22 Nov 2022

Welcome to Capra Designs.  They are an Australian brand creating beautiful, thoughtfully and skilfully crafted indoor planters and homewares.

Capra Designs is passionate about creating products with great function and form, each piece is designed in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Whether you’re searching for the perfect tabletop pot, or hanging pot or seeking a vase or vessel to complete a room, Capra Designs can help.

We are able to create pots to meet your needs. While we have a large and varied collection we also welcome custom projects to specifically meet your customer’s needs.

We are also able to create custom-made planters in any shape, size or colour. From design to creation, our pieces are made to last. Enquire to find out more about our commitment to sustainable processes and production.

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