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Mini Yet Mighty
Mini Yet Mighty

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Mini Yet Mighty

Mini Yet Mighty


Bigger isn't always better, and Brightgreen's new MINI Collection is here to prove it.

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5 May 2023

Mini Yet Mighty. Meet The Mini Collection

    • A striking 90%+ of architects surveyed in January 2023 concur: Minimalism is the lighting trend to watch in 2023. 
    • Next-generation technology allows Brightgreen to shrink the lights while maintaining top-notch light output, the world’s highest light quality (Tru-Colour®), and product longevity—backed by a drool-worthy 7-year warranty
    • Designed in Melbourne, but performing peerlessly on the world stage. The MINI Collection has been an enormous hit at New York and Los Angeles trade shows, outshining even the most established European design house.

Imagine harnessing a superhero’s power and placing it in a pocket-sized package. That’s precisely what B Corporation Brightgreen has accomplished with their latest line of irresistibly small LED lights that deliver the world’s highest light quality without the bulk of traditional fixtures. 

Designed for the minimalist who craves unobtrusive illumination, these small but mighty lights deliver the same exceptional illumination and lumen output as their larger siblings. Brightgreen developed the MINI Collection to create discrete fixtures that seamlessly integrate with any interior, allowing homeowners and designers to focus on the aesthetic of their spaces. The range offers recessed downlights, surface lights, track lights, pendant lights, and more for limitless lighting versatility. And with the smallest recessed downlight in the range only requiring a 30mm hole (cut out), you can slide these mini lights into the tightest locations and their accompanying mini dimmable drivers straight through the hole cut out. 

Brightgreen’s new range of MINI LEDs may be petite, but they sure are potent.

The award-winning lighting designer’s unwavering commitment to innovation also shines through in the cutting-edge technology used in the small LEDs. Brightgreen miniaturised its LED chips and next-generation drivers (SAA-certified and RCM-compliant) into the smallest of its kind to fit into these compact fixtures. The tiny componentry means that the MINI Collection doesn’t lose light quality or brightness, bringing you the Tru-Colour® experience you’ve come to expect from Brightgreen—with 98 CRI, high TM-30, and optimised CCT.

Finally, like many great things in life, the MINI Collection is easily installed, best enjoyed in pairs (doubling the light output), and can be partnered with Brightgreen’s hidden lights to create an alluring, indirect ambience. Blink, and you might miss them. 

Brightgreen proves with its MINI Collection that when it comes to illumination, size doesn’t matter. So, get your hands on these bite-sized lights today.

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