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Updated: 27 March 2024

Are you overwhelmed with the endless spreadsheets, documents, and software you use to manage your architectural or design projects? If you answered yes, then you’re not alone; hundreds of designers we surveyed while building Programa expressed the same thing as their number one frustration with technology in delivering projects. With advanced scheduling capabilities and real-time access to specifications and schedules, Programa ensures you, your team and your clients stay on top of your project’s progress.

Programa’s scheduling and specification features are seamlessly integrated across our tools, from idea to procurement, allowing you to focus on the tasks without requiring time-consuming data entry.

Find time to design again, without needless data entry.

Imagine organising all your project materials in one centralised location. Programa’s product library consolidates all your materials, fixtures, furniture (or whatever your specification needs) into one centralised location, providing easy access and reuse of specifications and other product information. You no longer need to spend hours sifting through multiple documents to find what you want. You can easily search by keyword, manufacturer or product name to find the information you need quickly and efficiently. Use the Web Clipper to add products from anywhere online to your project’s product schedule or your studio’s Product Library. Add custom specs and attachments like installation instructions for a complete overview of a product.

The Programa Product Library

Instant Sharing, Seamless Collaboration

Designs aren’t just about visuals; they’re also about communication. Programa understands this, which is why it’s made sharing your design concepts and specifications effortlessly easy. With just a click, access live views across mood boards, specifications, and other design aspects. These aren’t just any views; they’re dynamic, real-time, and designed to facilitate collaboration.

Whether it’s your design team, suppliers, tradespeople, or clients, everyone can have customised access to the project’s specifications and schedules. This means everyone is on the same page, making misunderstandings and miscommunications a relic of the past. In the age of remote work and global collaborations, Programa’s specification software proves to be an indispensable asset.

Presenting your design concepts and specifications professionally and with good design is essential for impressing clients and securing project and product approval. Share specifications in a click with Programa’s shareable live views across specification, mood boards and more. These features facilitate seamless collaboration with your team, suppliers, trades and clients by providing customisable, real-time access to project specifications and schedules. Programa’s specification software ensures smooth communication and lets all parties stay informed and aligned throughout the project. Make version control issues a thing of the past as Programa’s specification features guarantee seamless communication, keeping everyone informed and on the same page at all stages of the project.

Share always up-to-date, custom views of your projects and specifications.

Customisation at its Best

In the realm of design, individuality reigns supreme. Understanding the multifaceted demands of various design studios, Programa emerges as a dynamic tool rather than a static, one-size-fits-all solution. It celebrates the fact that each project, studio, and stakeholder group is unique, offering a plethora of customization features that allow you to fine-tune its functionalities to match your specific requirements.

With Programa, you’re in the driver’s seat. Whether you’re preparing a presentation for an initial client meeting, conducting a midpoint review, or preparing for a final project handover, the software ensures you present just the right amount of information, tailored to your audience. By giving you the power to control what your stakeholders view, Programa allows you to keep certain elements under wraps until you’re ready to unveil them, ensuring each phase of your project gets the spotlight it deserves.

Streamlined communication enables stress free creativity

For designers and architects aiming for perfection in every aspect of their projects, Programa’s specification software is a must-have. It offers a harmonious blend of functionality, flexibility, and finesse, ensuring your projects are presented impressively and managed efficiently. Embrace the future of design specifications by starting Programa free today.

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Table of contents
  1. About Programa’s Privacy Policy
  2. What information does Programa collect?
    2. Information Provided to Programa
    3. Information Collected Automatically
    4. E-mail and Other Communications
    5. Sharing Information
    6. Security
    7. Right to Erasure
  3. Interior Design Software For Professional Interior Designers
    1. Programa Interior Design Software: A Comprehensive Project Management and Collaboration Solution for Architects and Interior Designers
    2. User-friendly Interface and Tools for Seamless Project Management
  4. 1. Schedules
  5. 2. Project Management
  6. 3. Client Dashboard
  7. 4. Pinboards
  8. 5. Financials View
    1. Introducing Brightgreen's Plus 4.0 Collection: Where Innovation Meets Illumination
    2. Innovation from the Ground Up
    3. The Collection Unveiled
    4. Bring Your World To Life
    5. Explore our latest ‘Made with Programa’ as Shona McElroy of SMAC Studio discusses “Introspection,” detailing the challenges, workflow, and the pivotal role Programa played from concept to completion.
    6. <strong>Tyler Aspen Edmonds is a Melbourne-based Interior Stylist with a flair for creating cohesive, bold, and dramatic spaces for his clients. </strong>
    7. <strong>We spoke with Tyler about his recent project in Toorak, Melbourne.</strong>
  9. Fixed Image Layouts
  10. Web Clipper Scraper
  11. Hyperlinked URLs
  12. Improved Notes Visibility in Presentation Mode
  13. Pinboards & Client Dashboard Integration
  14. The impracticalities of using generic software
  15. Enter Programa.
  16. Remove unnecessary stress and double handling with Programa:
  17. The Trade Portal places your brand front and center before A&D professionals
  18. Your name in lights alongside some of the biggest in the industry
  19. Your dream clientele, actively procuring
  20. Working directly with Architects and Interior Designers
  21. Programa’s Trade Portal and high quality leads
  22. Introducing Product Approvals, an exciting new feature engineered to streamline designer-client collaboration.
  23. Main Benefits of Product Approvals:
  24. Creating & Submitting Approval Requests
  25. Client Approval Process
  26. Tracking Approval Statuses and Feedback
  27. Why Don’t Spreadsheets Suit The Needs Of Interior Designers?
  28. Clear and Precise Presentations
  29. Easier Management of Data
  30. Exports That Work The Way You Do
  31. Instant Sharing, Seamless Collaboration
  32. Customisation at its Best
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Try Programa for free with a 7 day trial

Try Programa for free with a 7 day trial

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Unlock efficiency and creativity in your design projects with Programa, the premier specification software updated on 20 March 2024. Say goodbye to the hassle of spreadsheets and disjointed documents. Programa is designed to streamline your architectural and interior design projects from conception to procurement. Featuring advanced scheduling, real-time access to specifications, and a centralized product library, it enables seamless collaboration and instant sharing across your team and clients. Discover how Programa transforms project management, allowing more time for design and less for data entry. Start your free trial today and experience stress-free project management tailored to the unique needs of designers and architects.