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The Big Idea: Programa
Programa03 July 2024
Programa03 July 2024

We are thrilled to announce that Programa has been featured in Qantas: The Design Issue Magazine, showcasing our innovative solutions for the architecture and interior design industry.

People are surprised to find that so much of the architecture and design industry is run on spreadsheets. Behind every part of the design process... there’s usually a spreadsheet. Our technology brings order to the complexity.

Zoe LowresCo-Founder, Programa

The feature highlights how Programa addresses the challenges designers and architects face, offering a comprehensive suite of tools for project management, collaboration, specification and more. Our platform simplifies workflows, reduces errors, and excels overall studio productivity.

Page 154 | Qantas: The Design Issue

Our co-founder, Zoe Lowres, shares the story behind Programa, emphasising the need to streamline the design process and eliminate the chaos of spreadsheets. Programa brings everything into one place, making it easier for designers to manage their projects efficiently.

Programa’s unique approach bridges the gap between designers and suppliers, ensuring seamless collaboration at every project phase.

Page 155 | Qantas: The Design Issue

Trusted by leading studios in over 80 countries worldwide, Programa is transforming the work of designers and architects. The platform’s powerful tools and user-friendly interface make it an essential asset for any design practice.

To learn more about how Programa can revolutionise your design practice, read the full feature in Qantas Magazine.

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Try Programa for free with a 7 day trial

Try Programa for free with a 7 day trial

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Programa, the leading software platform for interior designers and architects, is transforming the industry with its powerful project management, collaboration, and specification tools. Featured in Qantas Magazine, Programa simplifies workflows, reduces errors, and enhances productivity for design professionals. Discover the benefits of using Programa and start your free trial today.