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Q3 Product Update

The world's best scheduling software gets even better.
Updated: 03 July 2024

Q3 Product Update

It’s been a very busy few months at Programa. We’re excited to share that we’ve completed our second capital raise. This is exciting for many reasons, however most importantly it means we can continue building the best possible experience for interior designers and architects.

Our engineering and product team have released hundreds of improvements to the platform. Thank you to all of our users who’ve made suggestions – we love feedback and if there’s anything you think will improve your experience please let us know. There’s no suggestion that’s too big, or too small.

Here’s a recap of the highlights and a sneak peek of what we’ll be releasing over the coming weeks.

Schedules is now even better.

The world’s best scheduling software gets even better.

With more than 30,000 products being added to Schedules each month (and growing fast) we’re always working to make scheduling even easier.

At Programa, we believe every designer should have the tools to create space in their workflow, and ultimately to spend less time doing admin, and more time being creative and delivering beautiful projects. With this vision, we’re always improving and innovating our Schedules feature to be as powerful, intuitive and easy-to-use as possible.

In quarter 3 we focussed on improving Schedules for our power users, including:

  • We added more powerful copying, duplicating, archiving, sorting, editing tools, and keyboard shortcuts to make it even easier to quickly create and manage your schedules.
  • PDF exports are now more customisable, and more usable. Important notes, flagged changes, long text wrapping, and several other improvements make PDF exporting even better.
  • PDF Spec Sheets are now live, customisable, and able to be downloaded in bulk at the click of a button.
  • You can now add attachments to Schedules allowing you to attach any supporting documentation to a schedule such as plans, documentation plans, spec briefs or general notes. These can be accessed and downloaded by clients, builders and trades via your Shared Schedule or QR codes.
  • You can now add inset images to product images. For example, you can add fabric swatches that overlay the product image.
  • Improvements to financial view of Schedules
  • You can now add internal notes to a product that only you and your team can see.
  • Dozens of smaller UX, usability and speed improvements.
The all-new Web Clipper.

The All-new Web Clipper

Our web clipper is one of our most popular features and makes importing product information from third-party websites a breeze. With our all-new Web Clipper you can now:

  • Import multiple images at once.
  • You can now import products directly to your Product Library.
  • You can now capture images with our screenshot tool, making it even easier to add product images to Schedules, concept images to Pinboards, or adding multiple customisation images to your Product Library.
  • Several speed and usability improvements.

Other Improvements

  • You can now tag and organize your Image Library
  • More support for various screen sizes, small screens and mobile
  • Improvements to the integration between Address Book and Schedules
  • Improvements to Quote Requests
  • And many, many more!
Procurement tools are launching in November

What’s next?

Procurement – Launching in November

Never miss a deadline again with our new Procurement tool for Schedules. Soon you’ll be able to keep track of payments, orders, deliveries, deposits all from within your Schedule, as well as from a new, centralised Procurement Hub that brings all of your procurements tasks – from all projects – into a single, easy-to-manage hub.

Following the release of Procurement 1.0, we’ll be following this with tools to help manage purchase orders, approvals, reminders, deliveries and much, much more.

Client Dashboard – Schedule Approvals

Seeking approvals from clients is hard enough, even without having to manage these via email, text, WhatsApp, and phone calls. Soon, you’ll be able to send products for approval directly from your Schedule, without having to bundle these together like you might in Xero or other tools. Your clients will be able to quickly and easily provide their approval and feedback directly to your Schedule. This is planned for launch in January 2023.

Studio Management Tools

In early 2023 we’ll be releasing the first of several tools that will make running your studio, your team and your projects, much easier. From time sheets to resource planning, Programa will keep your studio running smoothly.

Improvements to Product Library, and much, much more

In addition to Procurement and Schedule Approvals we’ll also be rolling-out improvements to Product Library, Pinboards, and almost all other features.

Reading: Q3 Product Update, The world's best scheduling software gets even better.
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Programa's Q3 Product Update: Enhancing Interior Design Workflow

At Programa, we're dedicated to continually improving our platform to provide the best experience for interior designers and architects. Here's a rundown of our Q3 product update highlights and a glimpse into what's coming next:

Enhancements to Schedules Schedules, our flagship feature, has undergone significant improvements to cater to power users. Key updates include:

  • Enhanced copying, duplicating, archiving, sorting, and editing tools for efficient schedule management.
  • Customizable PDF exports with improved usability and readability.
  • Introduction of PDF Spec Sheets, allowing bulk downloads at the click of a button.
  • Attachment support for schedules, enabling the addition of supporting documentation.
  • Inset image feature for product images, facilitating the overlay of fabric swatches and other customizations.
  • Financial view improvements and internal notes for enhanced collaboration.

Introducing the All-new Web Clipper Our popular web clipper feature has been revamped to offer enhanced functionality:

  • Import multiple images simultaneously.
  • Direct importation of products to your Product Library.
  • Capture images with the screenshot tool for seamless integration with schedules and pinboards.
  • Various speed and usability enhancements.

Additional Improvements Our updates extend beyond schedules and the web clipper:

  • Tag and organize your Image Library.
  • Enhanced support for various screen sizes and mobile devices.
  • Improved integration between Address Book and Schedules.
  • Upgrades to Quote Requests and more.

Coming Soon: Procurement Tools Launching in November, our Procurement tool for Schedules will ensure you never miss a deadline. Track payments, orders, deliveries, and deposits seamlessly from within your schedule or the centralized Procurement Hub.

Upcoming Features Stay tuned for upcoming features, including client dashboard enhancements for schedule approvals and studio management tools for resource planning and time tracking.

Embrace the Future of Interior Design with Programa With continuous updates and innovative features, Programa empowers designers to streamline their workflow, enhance collaboration, and deliver exceptional projects. Join Programa and elevate your interior design process today.