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Introducing Programa for Brands

Showcase your products to A&D tastemakers as they work, not just browse
Updated: 11 April 2024

The Trade Portal places your brand front and center before A&D professionals

  • Products can be added to procurement schedules in a click
  • Use the Trade Portal to receive enquiries, quote requests and leads
  • Your brand, their workflow. Seamlessly integrated in Programa

Your products; architecture and design’s leading firms. More than vanity metrics. Real professionals, looking to procure now

Your name in lights alongside some of the biggest in the industry

  • Elevate the prestige of your product by featuring it with world class brands
  • Get specified, not just seen, as your product appears in breakout designs alongside exclusive names
  • With Trade Portal elevate your brand by entering it in an exclusive digital showroom alongside leading FF&E businesses and industry disruptors

Your dream clientele, actively procuring

Be a part of the platform where award winning designers source, specify and procure

  • 90,000+ A&D professionals active each month
  • $95k+ average project value
  • 41k+ leads being generated for brands on Programa for Brands each month

Working directly with Architects and Interior Designers

Trade Portal is for interior designers, architects and specifiers to take stock and finish projects

  • Start building lasting relationships in a new pool of clients
  • Your products are listed with all necessary information allowing A&D professionals to share details of specced items with customers before approval and ordering
  • Trade Portal empowers your brand like never before with seamless integration into the workflow of architects and designers
  • Ignore window shoppers and give priority to thousands of A&D professionals

Programa’s Trade Portal and high quality leads

More leads, less effort. Leads generated from showcasing your products where they can be integrated into designs in real-time

  • Access to high-quality, high-intent leads from designers choosing products as they work
  • Replace a laundry list of advertising tools with access to being stocked in a premiere digital showroom
  • Improve efficiency with less time spent chasing leads and reviewing shot in the dark promotional campaigns
  • Easily respond to leads, manage quotes and receive payment all through Programa for Brands


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Table of contents
  1. About Programa’s Privacy Policy
  2. What information does Programa collect?
    2. Information Provided to Programa
    3. Information Collected Automatically
    4. E-mail and Other Communications
    5. Sharing Information
    6. Security
    7. Right to Erasure
  3. Interior Design Software For Professional Interior Designers
    1. Programa Interior Design Software: A Comprehensive Project Management and Collaboration Solution for Architects and Interior Designers
    2. User-friendly Interface and Tools for Seamless Project Management
  4. 1. Schedules
  5. 2. Project Management
  6. 3. Client Dashboard
  7. 4. Pinboards
  8. 5. Financials View
    1. Introducing Brightgreen's Plus 4.0 Collection: Where Innovation Meets Illumination
    2. Innovation from the Ground Up
    3. The Collection Unveiled
    4. Bring Your World To Life
    5. Explore our latest ‘Made with Programa’ as Shona McElroy of SMAC Studio discusses “Introspection,” detailing the challenges, workflow, and the pivotal role Programa played from concept to completion.
    6. <strong>Tyler Aspen Edmonds is a Melbourne-based Interior Stylist with a flair for creating cohesive, bold, and dramatic spaces for his clients. </strong>
    7. <strong>We spoke with Tyler about his recent project in Toorak, Melbourne.</strong>
  9. Fixed Image Layouts
  10. Web Clipper Scraper
  11. Hyperlinked URLs
  12. Improved Notes Visibility in Presentation Mode
  13. Pinboards & Client Dashboard Integration
  14. The impracticalities of using generic software
  15. Enter Programa.
  16. Remove unnecessary stress and double handling with Programa:
  17. The Trade Portal places your brand front and center before A&D professionals
  18. Your name in lights alongside some of the biggest in the industry
  19. Your dream clientele, actively procuring
  20. Working directly with Architects and Interior Designers
  21. Programa’s Trade Portal and high quality leads
  • Editorial
  • Interiors
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Try Programa for free with a 7 day trial

Try Programa for free with a 7 day trial

Join the world’s best studios

Elevate Your Brand with Programa for Brands


Welcome to Programa for Brands: Your Gateway to A&D Tastemakers

Programa for Brands introduces a revolutionary Trade Portal designed to place your brand front and center before architecture and design (A&D) professionals. With seamless integration into their workflow, your products become an integral part of their design process, not just another item to browse.

Key Features of Programa for Brands:

  1. Showcase Your Products with Ease The Trade Portal provides a platform for A&D professionals to explore and procure products directly from leading brands like yours. With a simple click, your products can be added to procurement schedules, making it effortless for professionals to incorporate them into their designs.
  2. Elevate Your Brand Prestige Join the ranks of world-class brands featured alongside exclusive names in the industry. With Programa for Brands, your products get specified, not just seen, in breakout designs curated by award-winning designers.
  3. Access High-Quality Leads Gain access to a pool of high-intent leads generated from designers actively procuring products as they work. With over 90,000 active A&D professionals each month and an average project value of $95k+, Programa for Brands offers unparalleled opportunities to connect with your dream clientele.
  4. Streamline Lead Management Effortlessly respond to leads, manage quotes, and receive payments directly through Programa for Brands. Say goodbye to chasing leads and sifting through ineffective advertising tools—Programa for Brands offers a streamlined solution to improve efficiency and drive growth for your brand.

Join Programa for Brands Today Start building lasting relationships with a new pool of clients and showcase your products to A&D professionals actively seeking solutions for their projects. With Programa for Brands, your brand gains visibility, prestige, and access to high-quality leads—all in one powerful platform.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your brand. Sign up for Programa for Brands and take your products to new heights in the architecture and design industry.