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Introducing Customisable Currency and Measurement Settings

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Updated: 11 April 2024
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Addressing the Need for Flexible Project Management in a Global Context

In the world of design, the diverse needs of interior designers and architects continue to evolve. Programa has always been at the forefront of supporting professionals with robust and efficient project management tools.

Recognising the growing trend of international projects, we identified an opportunity to enhance our platform’s versatility. While our existing system efficiently supports universal settings for currency and measurement units, we saw the potential to further tailor these settings to individual project needs, enhancing the precision and adaptability for our global user base.

The Solution

Customisable Project Settings for Currency and Measurement Units.

Our most recent update to the platform allows you to customise currency and measurement settings for each project. Giving you greater accuracy and consistency for your international projects.

Enhanced Flexibility:

  1. Default Settings: Users can set their preferred currency and measurement units as defaults, which will apply automatically to all new projects.
  2. Project-Level Customisation: Designers can override these default settings for each project, allowing for specific currency and measurement units tailored to the project’s regional needs.

Intuitive and Consistent:

  • User-Friendly Interface: The update includes an intuitive interface for easy customisation.
  • Uniform Application: Once set, these custom settings will be consistently applied to all project-related documents.

Ensuring Smooth Transition:

  • User Guidance: Clear UI indicators will help users understand the active settings.
  • Reliable Data Consistency: Through thorough testing, we ensure that all project documents accurately reflect the new settings.
  • Careful Handling of Legacy Projects: Existing projects will be transitioned carefully to avoid any unintended changes.

The Result

Streamlining Global Design Workflows

This update promises to significantly enhance the user experience for our global clientele:

  • Increased Control and Precision: Designers gain more control over their project settings, allowing them to cater to specific regional requirements with greater accuracy.
  • Efficiency in Operations: The balance between default and customisable settings leads to more efficient project setup and management.
  • Consistency Across Documents: Ensuring that all project materials are coherent and accurate reduces potential errors and enhances professionalism.

While focusing on these enhancements, Programa maintains the core functionalities of creating schedulesinvoices, or purchase orders. This update is a testament to our commitment to empowering designers with versatile, user-friendly tools that adapt to their evolving needs.

Our core goal has always been to empower your design journey. This latest update, introducing Customisable Project Settings for Currency and Measurement Units, is a testament to that commitment. Tailor your project settings to each unique global venture, enhancing flexibility and precision. Dive in, explore, and let these new features propel your international design process to new heights.

Available now to Programa users as part of your Pro subscription. Log in or start free.

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