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Programa10 May 2024
Programa10 May 2024

Explore how SMAC Studio's innovative design transformed a semi-detached house in Sydney, as featured in Inside Out Magazine, with Programa's project management platform enhancing efficiency and communication.

Featured in Inside Out Magazine, SMAC Studios and Programa recently collaborated on their latest project, 'Introspection.'

This was also the first project Smac Studio undertook using the Programa platform, streamlining communication between the couple and their team.

Shona McElroyDirector, SMAC Studios

Located just steps from Bondi Beach, this 209-square-meter semi-detached house in Sydney's east epitomizes thoughtful design on a smaller scale. Featured in Inside Out Magazine, the property, owned by Sally and Mark, was initially a dark, cramped single-level building that was deemed unsalvageable. Opting to start afresh, the couple engaged Smac Studio, and the project became their first to utilize the Programa platform, enhancing team communication and project management. The redesigned home now includes four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a butler’s pantry, and a home office, among other functional spaces, without any wasted areas. The result is a home that feels spacious and bright, achieving a seamless blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal, perfectly suited to the family’s needs.

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Discover the transformative journey of a semi-detached house in Sydney's vibrant east, near the iconic Bondi Beach. Featured in Inside Out Magazine, this project showcases SMAC Studio's expertise in turning limited spaces into expansive homes. Utilizing Programa's project management platform, the team efficiently coordinated every aspect of the redesign, resulting in a home that is not only spacious and light-filled but also perfectly tailored to the needs of its residents, Sally and Mark, and their two children. The integration of Programa streamlined communication and operations, highlighting the potential of technology in modern architectural design.