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Release Notes - Start of June 2024

Stay up to date with what's recently been released in June.
Updated: 13 June 2024

13 June 2024


Programa for Designers

  • Fix for issue in Schedules to prevent field from losing focus and page jumping to the top when editing product line items.
  • Improved tax settings for transaction fees: Now, when selecting to pass on transaction fees to clients in an invoice, users can mark the fee as non-taxable with a new 'Is taxable?' toggle.
  • New simple bulk actions in Pinboards, including Move to section, Archive, and Delete. You can select multiple pins at a time or whole sections of pins.
  • Work on Project Management (coming soon)
  • Fix for issue where invoice line items were not appearing in QuickBooks due to names exceeding character limit. Line items should now transfer successfully.


Programa for Brands

  • Enhanced product card design on Brand Profile page with updated 'add to' button functionality for better Designer experience when browsing a Brand Profile.
  • Work on brands directory (coming soon)

07 June 2024


Programa for Designer

  • New Designer referral program within the product
  • Fixed Xero invoice saving issue for UK accounts.


Programa for Brands

  • New supplier subscription plans

06 June 2024


Programa for Designer

  • Fix for taxable line item status on Xero invoices which wasn't being carried across.
  • Fix for archived items triggering "Feedback required" flag - you now shouldn't see the 'Feedback Required' indicator if the item has been archived.
  • Fix for tax rates with commas in the name causing issues when selecting tax rates in the Project Settings.

04 June 2024


Programa for Designers

  • Fix for bug in select drop-downs
  • Fix for excel rows getting mixed up in export.
  • Ability to add a product to your Product Library from the Trade Portal when viewing a product's details.
  • Changes to the treatment of T&Cs in the Schedule PDF export - if you have company T&Cs and this is turned on for a Schedule, the Schedule PDF export will append any T&Cs in it's own page at the end of the document. The cover page will now tell you if there are any T&Cs in the document.


Programa for Brands

  • New Brand Profile improvements - company details + contact form
  • Trade Portal 'Supplier' facet for search/filters and profile links
  • Remove unnecessary and heavy non-indexed fields in Brand edit page
  • Add location filter to Product Match
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Try Programa for free with a 7 day trial

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Keep pace with the dynamic evolution of our Programa platform through our comprehensive Release Notes for June 2024, spanning from the beginning to the end of the month. Delve into the intricacies of the latest updates tailored for designers and brands alike. With a focus on enhancing user experience and optimizing functionality, our updates include the implementation of tax feedback, improvements in QuickBooks integration, and fixes for various issues ranging from product deletion processes to PDF export glitches. Technical enhancements such as mutation flow refactorization and removal of unused components underline our commitment to refining the platform's performance and efficiency. Whether you're a designer seeking streamlined project management tools or a brand aiming for enhanced product visibility and management, our Release Notes offer valuable insights into the ongoing evolution of Programa. Stay informed, stay ahead.