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Release Notes - Start of July 2024

Stay up to date with what's recently been released in July.
Updated: 05 July 2024

05 July 2024


Programa for Designers

  • Fixed issue in Project Management (new) where users were unable to use the "search people" feature on Project Details sidenav in Board view without refreshing the page
  • Resolved error when selecting more than 15 members in Project Management
  • Project Details in Project Management now displays assigned team members in the Timeline view with a 'counter' bubble after 3 team members.
  • Cosmetic and styling fixes for attachments in Project Management Task cards.


Programa for Brands

  • Work on new Collections feature (coming soon)
  • Fixed issue where the profile dropdown in the side nav wasn't working properly when clicking into the Brand Profile from the dashboard.

04 July 2024


Programa for Designers

  • Project Management (coming soon)
    • Fix for automatically closing a task upon uploading an attachment, especially for images
  • Fixed issue with tax rates not saving/applying correctly in invoices

02 July 2024


Programa for Designers

  • Project Management (coming soon) - Ability to add team members to projects in Board view

Programa for Brands

  • Resolved issue causing product image grid to stop displaying in the new Brands directory
  • Updated the individual lead emails template
  • UI updates for the Brand and sub-Brand profile page
  • Fixes to demo link, plans page visibility, and upgrade call-to-action

01 July 2024


Programa for Designers

  • Project Management (coming soon)
    • Resolved issue where Tasks were not updating automatically after save
    • Fixed subtasks swaying effect, prevented deletion confirmation pop-up from opening on naming a subtask, and enabled viewing the latest number of subtasks without needing to refresh the page
    • Users can now scroll through long tasks and save them without any issues
    • Ability to edit and delete phases directly from the Project information sidenav, including updating phase name and timeframe
    • Fix for Task Target Date picker


Programa for Brands

  • Updated Plans for new plans launch
  • Fixed the issue where clicking "View all products" on Brand Profile page redirects to Latest Products tab instead of showing all products.
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Keep pace with the dynamic evolution of our Programa platform through our comprehensive Release Notes for July 2024, spanning from the beginning to the end of the month. Delve into the intricacies of the latest updates tailored for designers and brands alike. With a focus on enhancing user experience and optimizing functionality, our updates include the implementation of tax feedback, improvements in QuickBooks integration, and fixes for various issues ranging from product deletion processes to PDF export glitches. Technical enhancements such as mutation flow refactorization and removal of unused components underline our commitment to refining the platform's performance and efficiency. Whether you're a designer seeking streamlined project management tools or a brand aiming for enhanced product visibility and management, our Release Notes offer valuable insights into the ongoing evolution of Programa. Stay informed, stay ahead.