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Release Notes - End of May 2024

Stay up to date with what's recently been released in May.
Updated: 07 June 2024

30 May 2024


Programa for Designers

  • Continued work on Project Management (coming soon!)
  • Fix for PDF images that looked distorted
  • Fix for old sharing links still accessed via pdf downloads
  • Changed for location of T&Cs within PDF export, especially for large bodies of text.
  • Fix for QuickBooks sync job where the invoice doesn't exist in Stripe


Programa for Brands

  • Brands Dashboard tweaks



  • Added documentation for fivetran EC2 instance
  • Use Turbo Morphing for Project Management
  • Better creation of test data
  • When a page is morphed, prevent some elements from changing state
  • Reinstate the redirect condition for a turbo stream response
  • Fix for regression due to Project files refactor

27 May 2024


Programa for Designers

  • Task Creation for Project Management (coming soon)
  • Tax figures in schedule are also included in excel export
  • Fix for importing QB tax rates once they are archived



  • Take tax into account when showing certain subscription pricing

24 May 2024


Programa for Designers

  • Updated 'book training session' link for designers
  • Increase terms and conditions font size
  • Product Library style updates for search, sort, filter section
  • Add Tax exclusive/inclusive labels on schedule totals (coming soon!)
  • Project Management timelines (coming soon!)
  • Changes to invoicing page for when only partial stripe setup has occurred.



  • Prevent empty string being assigned to product features

23 May 2024



Product Library has gotten a little makeover!

  • New look and feel
  • For those with access to our Trade Portal (Australia and New Zealand only at the moment) ability to now 'Add' Trade Portal products to your Product Library. This utilises a similar experience as in Schedules, except it only searches for Trade Portal Products since you're already in Product Library.
  • Ability to see which products in your Product Library are from the Trade Portal
  • Ability to see when you imported those Trade Portal products (date stamp)
  • Fix for the invoice sidenav bar (when you're creating a new invoice) which was weirdly sitting behind the header section at the top of the page.


Programa for Designers

  • Fix for spec sheet Notes missing in PDF Export
  • Fixes for tax changes on Invoicing page (Tax coming soon!)
  • Fix for tax rate calculation when markup is toggled
  • Ability to toggle whether an item is taxable or not in Invoicing.
  • Changes to the 'Need Help' link in the designer sidebar
  • Experiment - Add products via Product Match flow
  • Fix for Invoice ready to send error
  • Add any missing tax rates to Quickbooks from Programa when Invoicing (coming soon!)
  • Fix for ensuring PDF export includes only filtered item attachments


Programa for Brands

  • Supplier subscription quantity shouldn't be updated
  • Fix for CSV Parser to correct dimensions order
  • Update TO email to new alias for brand operations mailer
  • Correct format for PriceFrom field for CSV product import
  • Filter products by date on new My Products page (coming soon!)
  • Company owner check on dry run CSV upload



  • Backfill to disconnect Stripe tax rates from invoice items for new global tax rates
  • Remove LaunchDarkly
  • Test scenarios for adding tax rates within the combo tax settings
  • Check existence for migration
  • Add QuickBooks secrets to prod manifest
  • Use a stripe pricing table when designers upgrade their plan
  • Given migration, remove AU prod from pipeline
  • Add missing dependent partial for Products page
  • Upgrade nokogiri - bundler-audit
  • Upgrade rexml - bundler-audit security issue

16 May 2024


Programa for Designers:

  • Check for allowing only one connection at a time to an external accounting platform.
  • Fix for Quickbooks Invoice line item issue from trailing white spaces
  • Apply tax at Invoice level when connected to Quickbooks


Programa for Brands

  • Empty states for Activity Widget on Brand Dashboard (coming soon)



  • Background job to process stripe webhooks
  • Optimise QuickBooks queries
  • Parsing error in Quickbooks library
  • Use income type in invoice items controller
  • US prod certs
  • Update redis instance for prod
  • Enable container insights for US-prod
  • Add US prod to pipeline
  • Update US prod rds instance
  • AWS REGION for US envs
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Keep pace with the dynamic evolution of our Programa platform through our comprehensive Release Notes for May 2024, spanning from the beginning to the end of the month. Delve into the intricacies of the latest updates tailored for designers and brands alike. With a focus on enhancing user experience and optimizing functionality, our updates include the implementation of tax feedback, improvements in QuickBooks integration, and fixes for various issues ranging from product deletion processes to PDF export glitches. Technical enhancements such as mutation flow refactorization and removal of unused components underline our commitment to refining the platform's performance and efficiency. Whether you're a designer seeking streamlined project management tools or a brand aiming for enhanced product visibility and management, our Release Notes offer valuable insights into the ongoing evolution of Programa. Stay informed, stay ahead.