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Introducing New Advanced Tax Settings

Product Update
Updated: 04 June 2024
We are excited to introduce our latest update, designed to make managing taxes a seamless experience for designers. Handling taxes, especially in complex regions like North America, is now more straightforward than ever with our new tax management tool.

The Issue - Complex Tax Handling

Managing taxes across different regions can be challenging for designers, especially with varying tax requirements. We found our designers needed support with:

  • Diverse Tax Requirements: Different regions, like North America, have complex scenarios with multiple tax rates on a single item.
  • Project Disruptions: Inconsistent tax handling can lead to project delays and financial discrepancies.
  • Lack of Customization: Difficulty in managing individual or combined tax rates and deciding if taxes should be included or excluded from project pricing.

The Solution - Streamlined Tax Tool

We designed our new tax tool to address these challenges, providing a streamlined approach to tax handling:

  • Set Up and Manage Tax Rates: Easily establish individual or multiple combined tax rates to accommodate diverse regional requirements.
  • Project-Based Taxation: Choose to enable or disable tax on a project basis to prevent disruptions in existing projects.
  • Flexible Pricing Options: Decide whether a project’s pricing will include (inclusive) or exclude (exclusive) tax.
  • Product-Level Taxability: Toggle tax on or off for individual products based on their specific taxability.

The Result - Enhanced Clarity and Compliance

With the implementation of our new tax tool, designers can expect improved clarity through clear management of tax rates, ensuring compliance and reducing errors across different regions. This tool provides financial flexibility, allowing customization of tax settings at both the organization and project levels for better financial management. It also supports an efficient workflow by preventing project disruptions and maintaining smooth operations with adaptable tax handling. Additionally, it ensures compliance across regions by easily handling complex tax scenarios and making sure all projects meet regional tax requirements. Our new tax tool enhances clarity and compliance, empowering designers to manage their financial processes more efficiently and accurately.

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