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2.2 Release Notes

Introducing Studio WIP, the easiest way to keep your projects running smoothly.
Updated: 03 July 2024
Studio WIP makes it easy to see everything you're working on in one place.

Studio WIP

Studio WIP is a consolidated view of all tasks across all projects. Rather than clicking into each individual project to view your active tasks, you can now see them all in one organised space. This makes is easier for you to track deadlines, resource staff time and build your weekly program across all projects.

You can also add new tasks, edit existing tasks, filter by project, filter by team member and start/stop time entries. Finally everything your team is working on, in one place.

You can learn more about Studio WIP here.

What else is new?

  • Autocomplete and suggested entries for suppliers within Schedules. This means no more duplicate data entry when you’re building your Schedules.
  • You can now duplicate projects, meaning you can create a new project using the data and structure of existing projects.
  • Resize images within schedules.
  • Improvements to shared view of Pinboards.
  • Various UX and speed improvements.

What’s coming in February?

Invoicing & Xero Integration

Programa’s new invoicing tools will finally bring your project workflow and billing systems into one place. No more copying and pasting between spreadsheets, time tracking tools and your invoicing platform. With Programa you’ll be able to quickly create a new invoice, add products from Schedules, time entries and custom items, and send to your clients in minutes. Clients can make payments online which means you’ll get paid faster.

Our Xero integration means there’s nothing to do in Xero, other than reconcile your payments once they’ve been received. When you create and send invoices with Programa, we will synchronise this information with Xero, from creating a draft, to approval and marking an invoice as sent. You can also choose your Xero accounts directly within Programa.

Trade Portal Improvements & Shopify Integration

In February we will begin rolling-out significant improvements to the Trade Portal, including a redesigned interface, powerful search functionality, dozens of new brands and speed improvements.

Our Shopify integration will allow brands to register and integrate their products on Programa within minutes. No more double handling and managing multiple databases – simply update your website and Programa will instantly update to reflect your changes.

Improvements to Schedules, Web Clipper and PDF Exports

There’s dozens of improvements planned for February, including implementing Card View within Schedules, allowing a more visual presentation of your projects, increased functionality of the Web Clipper, improvements and optimisations for PDF Schedule Exports and much, much more.

Reading: 2.2 Release Notes, Introducing Studio WIP, the easiest way to keep your projects running smoothly.
Try Programa for free with a 7 day trial

Try Programa for free with a 7 day trial

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Explore the enhanced capabilities of Programa's 2.2 release, featuring the introduction of Studio WIP for effortless project tracking. With Studio WIP, all your tasks across projects are consolidated into one organized space, simplifying deadline tracking, resource management, and weekly program building. Additionally, benefit from autocomplete for suppliers in schedules, project duplication functionality, image resizing within schedules, and various UX and speed improvements for a smoother user experience.

Looking ahead, anticipate exciting developments in the upcoming February release. Programa's new invoicing tools will seamlessly integrate project workflow and billing systems, allowing for quick invoice creation, inclusion of schedule products and time entries, and online client payments for faster transactions. Moreover, with the Xero integration, invoicing processes are streamlined, synchronizing invoice information seamlessly between Programa and Xero.

Expect significant enhancements to the Trade Portal, featuring a redesigned interface, robust search functionality, and Shopify integration for effortless product registration and updates. Further improvements include card view implementation in schedules for visual project presentation, enhanced functionality of the Web Clipper, and optimizations for PDF schedule exports, ensuring a more efficient and intuitive user experience across the board.

Stay tuned as Programa continues to evolve, offering innovative solutions to streamline your interior design projects and enhance productivity.