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Sussex Street
Sussex Street

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Sussex Street

Sussex Street

Mim Design

Nestled in the iconic bayside locale of Brighton, Sussex Street by Mim Design finds resolve as a balanced reflection of its surrounds.

  • Interior
  • Residential

24 Sep 2021

Interior Design

Mim Design


Powell & Glenn


Sharyn Cairns


The understated palette and rounded lines reference designers of the 1930s and 1960s. Together they evoke an overall visual calm while finer details, inspired by the likes of sculptor Alexander Calder and painter John Coburn, draw the eye during moments of quiet contemplation.

Enduring sculptural form by architecture practice Powell & Glenn inspired an interior juxtaposition of soft, organic lines. Asymmetrical curves provide connection and movement through zones. Considered design and materiality, paired with architectural proportions realised by Coben prestige builders, invoke a restorative relaxation encouraged by the beachside environment

Subtle tonal variation on an uncomplicated grey palette is enlivened with monolithic slabs of savior limestone, mixed metals and the vitality of timber. Earthy injections of colour are masterfully restrained in furnishings and artwork sourced from Modern Times and Luke Furniture. Working as accents they animate the luxurious sheen of inlaid brass, nickel and blackened bronze fittings commissioned specifically for the space.

Halcyon Lake rugs provide a layered tactility and depth that warms highly polished water stone plaster and wide timber floorboards. Selected pieces from Cult Design traverse the line between art and function, while thoughtfully edited curio add just enough interest so as not to overpower the tranquil ambience.

Designed ‘to enhance the creative practice of living’, bespoke pendants by Reduxr crown the kitchen and dining areas as singular objet d’art, whilst speaking to each other via clean lines and the shared materiality of brushed brass.

Topped with a subtly triumphant pièce de résistance, the dining table is embraced from above with the sculptural beauty of ostrich eggshell, metal, resin and stone. Made to reflect the textural materiality of the beachside surrounds, the eggshell shades emit a warm, welcoming glow. Encouraging convivial connection, they are representative of the studio’s commitment to ‘create pieces of enduring beauty and use’ from industry by-products.

Sussex Street Apartments are a considered representation of their idyllic position and sophisticated residents. With floor to ceiling blackened steel windows that invite both the bay and cityscape inside, Mim Design have delivered an authentically connected interior experience.