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The All-New Programa is Live

All-new features and significant speed improvements.

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Our new release puts the Pro, in Programa.

Today, we’ve taken our next big step towards providing interior designers, architects and brands with the tools they need to be more efficient, and more profitable. For too long the A&D industry has been held back by a spreadsheet-based workflow and we’re excited to unveil our new platform.

One of the first things you’ll notice about the new Programa is the speed. Every aspect of the platform is significantly faster, with Schedules now almost instantaneous. Our technology team has rebuilt the core elements of the platform using cutting-edge technology and this allows users to enjoy a significantly better experience, and the Programa team to make changes and improvements much faster.

For Designers

Our 2.0 Release is our most significant update since we launched Programa in July last year. Almost the entire platform has been rebuilt, and existing will notice a completely new user experience.

All-new Schedules.

Schedules has been completely rebuilt from the ground up and is much, much faster, more flexible, and more powerful. Users can easily toggle between default, financial, and detailed views within their Schedules. Financial view also includes product markups that instantly calculate your percentages and profit.

Product Library

Gone are the days of saving hundreds of images to your Dropbox, with Product Library designers can easily create a library of their products used in Schedules, making it simple to find products from previous schedules and add them to a new Schedules. The first version of Product Library allows you to save attachments, contact details, notes and create custom detail fields, as well as request quotes and samples with just a few clicks.

Address Book

Our new Address Book allows you to easily manage your contacts, and will soon connect these directly to projects and products – syncing up your entire workflow. Also, we’ll make all brand contacts from the Trade Portal available to search, directly from your Address Book.

The all-new Schedules

The all-new Schedules

For Brands

Our 2.0 Release brings products directly into designer’s workflow and lets them find and specify products without leaving their dashboard. It’s as easy as search, click, add to Schedule. In addition to significant speed and performance improvements, we’ve completely rebuilt the product database and brands can now list their products as options and variations. This seemingly small change has platform-wide impacts and makes it much faster to upload products, and enables specific pricing, images, names and details for each variation of your product.

Over the coming weeks we’ll be rolling-out even more changes to the brand portal, and soon, brands will be able to seamlessly promote their products, manage their quotes, orders and clients, and accept payments.

The all-new Schedules

The all-new Schedules

What’s Next?

Now that our new platform is live, we’ll be releasing new features regularly, and updates and fixes almost daily. Programa 2.0 is built on an entirely new technology stack meaning new features can be built faster, and released sooner. Our engineering team works in rolling two-week sprints which means that in two week’s time, Programa will be even better than it is today. If you’ve got a new feature idea, an improvement, or found a bug, simply open live chat and let us know.

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