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Why you need built-for-purpose hotel design software

Hotel interior design software built by & for A&D pros

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There’s no question about the fact that technology permeates nearly every industry, and interior design is no exception. There are so many benefits associated with using interior design software that it’s virtually impossible for anyone keen on succeeding in the field to ignore, especially regarding hotel interior design & architecture projects.

Every hotel comprises many moving parts working together to ensure pleasant guest experiences. One of the foundations of any hotel comes from the hard work of interior designers.

Your job as the interior designer or stylist is to come up with a hotel design that:

  • Considers the comfort requirements of guests
  • Addresses operational challenges
  • Meets aesthetic standards

With the right interior design, hotels can save on expenses, ensure employee satisfaction and retention, and provide guests stellar service. And therein lies the challenge of hotel design, particularly in terms of project management.

As a hotel interior designer, you must keep track of a million things: design concepts, floor plans or design sheets, inspiration images, furniture boards, 3D models or renderings, approvals, product lists, etc. You also need to know who’s in charge of specific tasks and stay on top of schedules, communication, documentation, etc.

While software like Excel may help in small residential interior design projects, it’s not the ideal application for large-scale planning and management. This is where dedicated interior design software like Programa comes in.

Here, you’ll find out why generic software just won’t cut it for hotel design projects and why Programa is the best hotel design specification software.

The impracticalities of using generic software

The selection and approval of the numerous individual components necessary for the successful execution of a hotel design project can prove to be a formidable task. This process includes the procurement of furniture for various spaces such as offices, bedrooms, dining areas, and function rooms, in addition to the selection of mattresses, linens for the bedrooms and bathrooms, window treatments, kitchen fixtures, equipment and appliances. Coordinating and approving all these elements are crucial to ensure the overall design aesthetic is cohesive, meets safety requirements and delights guests.

  • Inefficient document version control: Various stakeholders will have their own versions of documents or files that may also undergo several stages of modification. There’s no quick and efficient way of knowing whether what you’re seeing is the latest schedule version. This limitation can lead to costly mistakes, such as wrongly approved documents and the incorrect ordering of items.
  • Unaligned with interior design workflow: Several good project management tools are available. However, with dedicated interior design software like Programa, built from the ground up with professional interior design and architecture workflows in mind.
  • Data loss: Files could end up missing or lost; if they’re not backed up, you lose them forever, leading to lost time and money.
  • Time-consuming and impractical: You and your staff may need to log hours of data entry to make sure every single tap, shower door handle, door stopper, and other products are properly documented, including product specifications.
  • Single-user sessions: Some apps don’t support collaboration, so only one designer can access a file simultaneously. This can make it difficult for multiple designers working on the same schedule to meet a deadline, no matter how urgent.
  • Limited use: Your work will have little to no use after the project has been delivered.
Spreadsheets: great for accounting, not so great for interior design.

Spreadsheets: great for accounting, not so great for interior design.

Enter Programa.

As opposed to using non-bespoke interior design software, Programa is a specification and project management software designed to streamline the work of interior designers and architects.

  • Programa is built by and made for professional interior designers & architects.
  • Programa is centralised and cloud-based, enabling quick and easy collaboration; your projects can be accessed anywhere and are always up-to-date.
  • Programa’s clean, minimal design allows for easy data management, even in the presence of large amounts of information. For example, you can easily add, change, delete and view specification details for any specified product.
  • Scheduling & specification is a breeze when you use Programa’s Web Clipper, as it allows you to import specs and images from anywhere online. In addition, the Web Clipper eliminates the need for time-consuming and error-prone data entry.
  • Programa perfectly aligns with your daily workflows, built with consultation with hundreds of interior designers worldwide.
  • All tasks and deadlines are centralised, so keeping track of your team and resourcing is easier than ever.
  • One-click sharing of Programa’s Schedules with stakeholders saves hours on presentations, preparing spreadsheets to share and internal studio communication.
  • Once the installation is complete, use your Programa schedules to track inventory assets essential to the hotel industry.

Programa is the complete suite of software for hotel interior designers, from the earliest conceptual stages to on-site installation.

A Programa lighting finish schedule.

A Programa lighting finish schedule.

Remove unnecessary stress and double handling with Programa:

Hotel design involves many stakeholders and professionals, tasks, documents, products and a million other details you need to deliver better projects with less stress.

Start Programa free today, and make hotel interior design a breeze.

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